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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter August 2010

First and foremost, welcome to our new members. You will find this document informative and helpful, but not necessarily accurate! (But we do our best).

Derek's Memorial Shoot

We have decided to hold a two-way Western round, traditional bows only, in memory of Derek, who enjoyed this discipline immensely. This will be a one-off shoot, held on Sunday 19 September, starting at 2.00 pm.

Because this is a two-way shoot, the field will be closed for normal shooting until the round is complete, as the entire area of the field will be needed. Please bear this in mind if you need to practice for a specific competition.

For those of you who have not done a two-way shoot, two lines of targets are put out, facing one another, and once an end is finished, you merely turn round and shoot the other way. Our new members will not have known Derek, but he was a long standing member and our records officer for many years, before his untimely death in December last year. The trophy which has been provided for this shoot will subsequently be used at a "regular" shoot in the future, as a lasting memorial to him.

Dates for your Diary

8 August - SCOA's open Albion (Worcester Summer Cup)

Help is required for the work party, and then during the shoot itself: we will need score collectors, raffle ticket sellers and arrow searchers, together with a field party to help move targets between distances, and then at the end of the shoot people to help put the field away. If you have an hour to spare, do come and give us a hand.

15 August - Redditch Windsor (Worcester Summer Cup)

It's getting close, but if you want to go, check if there are any places left with Dave.

5 September, SCOA's open Western

Please note in your diaries, help required please, as for the Albion.

12 September, SCOA's club All Comers' Warwick

Any SCOA member can shoot this! Distances to match abilities - two dozen at each of two distances, and a very good introduction to rounds. Even if you are a raw beginner, you will be able to compete on level terms. You will need to get yourself a handicap - come along fairly soon, and we'll explain how.

Thank You!

Our Rat's Ashes shoot in July was a resounding success, with 22 targets out, and in the region of 80 people took part. The weather was ideal, and a good time was had by all.

We would like to thank everyone who pitched in to make the day the success it was. It ran like a well-oiled machine, or was it that we were well-oiled??

Also - Thank you all for conforming to the modified field layout in relation to ropes, safety and target positioning.

Postal Matches

West Midlands Summer League

22 August - Long Metrics - On this occasion this is 70m and 60m for gents, and 60m and 50m for ladies on a full-size face. Juniors to shoot the equivalent distance for their age range.

26 September - Long National

All Sighters will be at 2.00 pm.

Inexperienced and Novice archers not wishing to shoot the longer rounds may shoot shorter ones, but their score will only be eligible for inclusion in the handicap adjusted team (maybe, but please refer to introduction above!).

CWAA - Summer Postals

Results from the first match (short metrics) show that SCOA are last but one in Division One, with Keith Raybould achieving one of the highest made longbow scores for the round.


Have you ever contemplated becoming a coach? We understand that the Level 1 coaching course is to be simplified to a duration of four sessions, with the assessment on the last day. It would be an advantage to the club to have additional coaching staff, as in the future beginners' courses will need to be run by qualified coaches.

If we can get enough people interested (including those from other clubs), we could possibly hold the course at Somers. We are discussing in committee funding coach candidates - please speak to Bob or Maggie if becoming a coach appeals to you.

County Records

Tony Carter has got a County Record for a Compound Hereford with 1234. Keith Raybould has got a county record for a Barebow Albion.
The Pennell Family continue to maintain their impact on club and county records. Luke has qualified for the GB Target Squad for 2011, so congratulations to him, and Sharon came a close third and is chasing qualification level as well.

Records / Shoot Reports

Breakfast Shoot Report, by Tom Woodhouse

This was my first Breakfast shoot and my Dad said that there would be no way that Iíd be up in time, but I was - at 4am to be exact.

We arrived at the field at 4.30 am to see lots of rabbits, who were a bit confused at our presence and soon scampered off. We were joined by 11 other like-minded people who all looked more tired than me, so I was pleased with that.

We set up the targets and were soon off shooting by 5am. We used foot markers of left-over feathers from the kestrel's evening meal I think.

I got off to a great start, getting the first and last gold of the day, so once again I was pleased with that.

There were 4 compound archers and one junior - Me - and the rest were recurve archers.

Half way through the round we had a terrific breakfast outside, cooked by Janice, thanks Janice - it was the best breakfast Iíve ever had outside anyway.

We set off again invigorated (big word, just for Bob) and were just getting into our stride when the round was over and the prizes were being given. I couldnít believe it was over so quick, but dad says time flies when you're having fun.

I won the junior prize; strange that, as I was the only one. I wish more juniors would come to the competitions. Steve won male recurve, and Olwyn won Lady Recurve. Bob and Mags won Compound for ladies and Menís obviously Bob was the Male Archer.

All in all, what a terrific way to spend Fathers Day with my dad doing a sport in the outdoors on a nice day and then back before every one else was even getting up.

Tom Woodhouse Age 11

Malvern Nationals - 25 July

SCOA had a really good day at this shoot. We fielded a team of twelve people, and notable achievements were:
Kay Jeffs won Ladies Longbow.
Michelle Hall won Ladies Compound. Michelle also claimed a six-gold end.
Tony Carter came second Compound Gent.
Alyson Smith won the Ladies Recurve Novice Trophy.
Michelle Hall won the Ladies Compound Novice Gold Medal.
Kay Jeffs won the Ladies Longbow Novice Gold Medal.

All in all a very good haul by SCOA, which also included seven raffle prize wins!

Dress Code

We would like to make you aware that the dress code regulations are likely to be more rigorously enforced in the future. If you enter a Record Status tournament, you must comply with the dress code, or expect to be asked to stop shooting. At non-record status shoots the rules are a little bit more relaxed, but standards need to be maintained.

The dress code is: Club colours (SCOA do not have registered colours) or plain green garments or plain white garments (you may wear a green jumper and white trousers, for instance).

Any logos on the clothing should be restricted to club, county or national ones.

Denim or jeans or any camo. is 100% unacceptable. You've been warned!


We noticed from the Malvern Results Sheet that people had signed for incorrect scores. May we remind you that once you have signed your official score sheet in a competition, that is the score which is recorded (even if it's wrong). So, it is up to you to check your score, and only sign if it's correct.


We had the grand total of five responses to our query re an annual social event: these covered - a themed shoot; a visit to a stately home or the like, incorporating a meal on the way home; a fun shoot followed by BBQ; or a Club Dinner at a local hostelry.

Do any of these appeal?


Just a reminder that your subs are due - payment to Steve Knight, please.

Thoughts from the shooting line

Look at Archery as a big fruit cake: it wouldn't be complete without a few nuts in it!