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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter May 2010

Hello again! Summer's here - we have a new batch on the beginners' courses, people are putting in lots of rounds and entering competitions, so all seems (almost) right with the world! However.....

Range Layout

Concerns have been expressed about the close proximity to the hut of the first target. Although the range layout map indicates that this first target should line up with the red and white post in the hedge, we feel that with the increased use of compound bows, and their lower trajectory, we will have to revise this ruling.

It would be prudent for any bow type to position the first target further away from the clubhouse. We would suggest five more yards in from the red and white post.

Also, we would suggest that whoever initially puts the safety rope out, they position it closer to the hut, ie no more than three yards away.

No target under 40 yards should be in Zone 1 at whatever stage in a round. If anyone wishes to shoot a FITA round, please consider using Zone 2.

The purpose of these comments is that if an arrow comes off a shelf, it would be extremely dangerous to anyone standing by the hut, if the target is too close.

Dates for your Diary

Sunday 4 July - Club Championships - The round will be a Hereford, with a National in the afternoon for those who can't manage 80 yards. Sighters for the Hereford will be 10.00 am, and for the National, 2.00 pm. We'd encourage everyone to have a go - it's just SCOA people, and it's a friendly and enjoyable day (hopefully with good weather).

Sunday 20 June - Breakfast Shoot - Sighters at 5.00 am. There will be a notice in the clubhouse, and we need you to pre-book, as we have to buy the appropriate grub. The round is a Western, and you should be home and dry (hopefully) by 10.00 am, with the rest of the day to yourselves!

Sunday 11 July - Rat's Ashes - American Round. As always, we will need some volunteers to help with this SCOA open shoot. Arrow-finding, score taking, tea making, raffle selling, field party are some of the jobs going, and we'd like some cake donations as well.

19 September - Derek Peacock Memorial Shoot - for longbows and primitive bows only. This is a one-off shoot, and in subsequent years, the trophy will be awarded at one of our normal tournaments.

Postal Matches

West Midlands Summer League

13 June - Short Metric
18 July - Long Western
22 August - Long Metric
26 September - Long National

All Sighters will be at 2.00 pm. Inexperienced and Novice archers not wishing to shoot the longer rounds, may shoot shorter ones, but their score will only be eligible for inclusion in the handicap-adjusted team.

Worcester Summer Cup

6 June - Wyre Forest Western
27 June - Droitwich Albion
25 July - Malvern National
1 August - CWAA Championships
8 August - Stourbridge Albion
15 August - Redditch Windsor
11 September - CWAA Junior Championships

If we could manage to get teams together, it would improve the club's standing within the County. Please see Dave Johnson if you are interested in attending any of the above shoots.

Records / Shoot Reports

Since the last newsletter, lots of people have been shooting really well and have got some very good scores.

The Hagley National had a resounding turnout, with Steve Kelly winning the Gents and Alyson Smith winning the Ladies. Special mention should be made of Tom Woodhouse's Junior National round, with a handicap adjusted score of 1762. This was the best handicap adjusted score of the day and Tom shot exceptionally well to achieve it.

Redhill American - Awards were won by Alyson Smith, for Ladies Recurve (classification medal); Tony Carter for Gents Compound (classification medal); Brian Webster for Gents Longbow (second place).

Novices Shoot - We managed to enter some folk in this shoot for the first time in ages! The results were very good;
Alyson Smith got second place Ladies Recurve
Tony Carter got second place Gents Compound
Michelle Hall got first place Ladies Compound
Arvon Hutchinson got first place Gents Longbow
The others who took part also did well in their classification sections and it's really good to know that people are taking part in such shoots.

County Records

Tony Carter has got a County Record for a Compound Hereford with 1234. Keith Raybould has got a county record for a Barebow Albion.
The Pennell Family continue to maintain their impact on club and county records. Luke has qualified for the GB Target Squad for 2011, so congratulations to him, and Sharon came a close third and is chasing qualification level as well.


We need your views!! Would you like an annual club event?, For example, a dinner, dance, skittles - anything really. We will put a box in the clubhouse, and any suggestions (polite, please!) will be considered by the committee. It would be helpful if you could do this by the end of July, please. Alternatively, you could respond by e-mail if you prefer. If we don't have any suggestions, a compulsory trip to the sewerage works will be arranged, at a nominal charge...

Thoughts from the shooting line

No matter how stressed you are, a good round will always put you right!