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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter March 2010

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz: we wonder where you archers is? (Alfred Lawn Tennis...on)

Interim Records Officer's Report

The outdoor handicaps and classifications have now been re-assessed and the board in the clubhouse has been updated.

B.A. Winter Postals

January matches

Compound Frostbite: We beat Pendle & Samlesbury C, 657 to 653
Recurve Frostbite: We lost to Killingworth Archers, 1417 to 1352
Recurve Portsmouth: We beat Sutton Bowman, 2524 to 2494
Compound Portsmouth: We beat Bowmen of Guernsey, 1095 to 1041

Shoot Dates

Club Shoots

16 May - Hagley National
This is handicap adjusted, and is therefore suitable for anyone who can shoot a maximum of sixty yards. We usually start around 2.00pm and we'd love to see everyone have a go.

20 June - Breakfast Shoot
For the benefit of our newer members, this is one of the most popular club shoots we do. You get a full English breakfast, i.e. bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, baked beans, black pudding, fried bread, toast, tea or coffee (guaranteed not to exceed 23,000 calories!!). We shoot a Western round, and at the break of distance sit down and, if the weather allows, eat al-fresco, then complete the round, finishing around 10.00am, thus leaving you with the rest of the day to yourselves.
Oh yes, and we start around 5.00am in celebration of the summer solstice.
We do ask you to make a contribution towards the cost of breakfast - usually about 2.00, depending on numbers attending.

4 July - Club Champs - Hereford round
This is another club shoot; however you will need to be able to shoot 80 yards (The round is six dozen at 80 yards, four dozen at 60 yards, and two dozen at 50 yards). There will be suitable breaks between distances. If you can't manage 80 yards, then come along in the afternoon, and shoot a National (which is in effect the second half of a Hereford).
Sighters for the Hereford will be at 10.00 am, and for the National, some time between 1.00pm and 2.00pm depending on weather, stoppages, etc. Again, please come along - the more the merrier.

12 Sept - All-comers' Warwick
This is another club shoot, and specifically designed for the newer and less experienced members. Targets are put out at varying distances, depending on your ability, so everyone has a chance of winning. It is also handicap adjusted, and this also favours the newer archers. It gives those who've not done any competitions before, the chance to experience this side of our sport in a familiar and friendly atmosphere.

Open Shoots

If you wish to enter these, forms will go up at appropriate times in the clubhouse and there is an entry fee. Please have a word with Peter Langmaid if you wish to enter. If not, then we need help running the shoots and all volunteers are more than welcome, specifically a field party to lay the field out prior to the shoot, and importantly, a tea lady (sorry, person). Scorers, raffle ticket sellers and arrow finders are also required, so if you feel you can help, please see Bob. We ask people to provide raffle prizes (to Clive please), and food on the day (ie a cake).
The dates of these open shoots are:
Rats Ashes - 11 July (sighters 1.00pm)
Albion - 8 August (sighters 1.00pm)
Sheriff's Western - 5 September (sighters 2.00pm)

Avoncroft - help required

We have again been invited to provide the archery interest at Avoncroft Museum on 2/3 May (Bank Holiday weekend). It's a 'have a go' event, where members of the public pay to have a go! We can make a bit of money from these ventures, and the more help we get, the easier it is. You don't have to be there all the time, but whatever time you can manage would be a help. You do get free entry to Avoncroft, and half price refreshments.
Anyone interested should contact Bob with the time you can manage. Ideally we need at least six people at a time, and the event is from 9.30am to 5.00pm on both the Sunday and Monday. Avoncroft provides entry passes, so we need to know fairly quickly if you can help us.

New Committee Members

The two vacant positions on the committee have now been filled. Janice Cross volunteered to take up the Junior Section Leader, and was co-opted at the January meeting, and Bob Graham volunteered to take on the Records Office Post, and was co-opted at the February meeting. So thank you both zillions for volunteering, we are very grateful.

Report on Quiz Night

We'd like to thank Olwyn and Phil for all the hard work they put in arranging and running the Quiz night. Feedback has been good - everyone seemed to enjoy it, and we raised a bit of cash for the club. It would be good to see a few more of our members at any future events, as we were outnumbered by Somers members from other clubs, but it was a good evening and we hope to do it again soon (as a by-and-by, I still don't know where Mali is, let alone its capital!).


We are hoping to up-grade our beginners' equipment to universal limb fitting limbs. If you have any old equipment that might fit this requirement, or you know someone who does, maybe you would like to offer us first refusal. Offers to Bob, please.


There is a strong possibility that drainage work will be carried out some time in May on the far side of the football field from the clubhouse, and around our pavilion. It may cause some disruption, but please bear with it as it is badly needed. Please attempt, Keith in particular, not to fall down any holes!

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Last Time

  1. Scarlet Runner or Green
  2. Snow White
  3. Yellow Rose
  4. Blackbeard
  5. Green
  6. Copperplate or Purple Prose
  7. Red Sea
  8. White Christmas
  9. Goldfinger
  10. Whitehall

Thoughts from the Shooting Line

Hint for compound archers: Take a degree in engineering, to ensure the ability to stick things back on.