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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter January 2010


Derek Peacock (1938 – 2009)
Derek Peacock joined SCOA in 1987 as a novice archer and quickly became an established member of the club. During the 1990’s he was part of a large group of members who regularly represented the club at open tournaments, and he also developed a great enthusiasm for field shoots and longbow roving marks. He shot recurve, longbow and American flatbow, although he never became ‘at one’ with the compound bow which he owned very briefly.
Derek was a long-serving committee member and could always be relied upon to give much needed help at club tournaments. As Records Officer, he delighted in pointing out mistakes on score sheets with pithy comments and copious red ink! He didn’t suffer fools gladly, but was a generous and loyal friend, who was deeply disappointed when others fell short of his high standards. He was meticulously accurate in everything he did, and gave generously of his time to coach on the beginners’ courses and to help fellow members set up their bows.
Although several aspects of his health had worried him for some months, he continued to shoot regularly. Even during his time in hospital, he remained in regular and frequent contact until shortly before his death. He was an asset to the club and a dear friend. He will be greatly missed.
Jo Horner

Record Officer’s Report

Apologies: The annual re-assessment of everyone’s handicap / classification will be delayed, as will the awarding of the annual handicap reduction trophy. Also any records shot will only become apparent when we have access to Derek’s records. Please be patient.

Club Attendances

The first three months of indoor shooting has shown a much needed improvement over last year’s numbers. We are regularly getting between 17 and 21 plus attending. This is so refreshing, as we have struggled for years to break even (14 required) on our indoor venue. But it’s not the money, it’s the enthusiasm which counts, and we are at last coming good.
Also, the Christmas fun shoot attracted the largest number of folk we have ever seen at such an event, and we are delighted with your efforts. Twenty four people came along, all of them clutching a wrapped pressie, so everyone went home happy (we hope).

SCOA’s Open 25 m FITA – 3 January 2010

We had a really good turnout at this shoot, not only from visitors, but with fourteen (yes 14!) of SCOA’s members shooting. It is really encouraging that our newcomers especially are taking part in shoots, and we are delighted with the response we had from everybody who took part, helpers and shooters alike. THANK YOU ALL!!
Reminder: Indoor shooting re-commences at Perryfields on Friday 8 January at 8.00 am – keep up the good attendances!!


Clive has asked that if anyone has any unwanted gifts, please could they donate them for SCOA raffles. We are always looking for new ideas for raffle prizes, as if we have a good show of items, people are more likely to buy tickets. Prospective items to Clive, please!

Postal Matches

At the last outdoor postal match, in December, we had an unprecedented 24 people shooting! This was absolutely magnificent, as it gave us much more scope in the choice of teams. It caused a little concern for the hot victual supplier, as we’d never seen so many people at a postal match before. Please keep up the good work.

Further Dates for your Diary

Indoor Portsmouth
Friday 8 January (sorry!!)
Friday 5 February
Friday 5 March

Outdoor Frostbite (3 dozen, 30 metres, with warm victuals supplied)
Sunday 10 January
Sunday 7 February
Sunday 7 March

Social Events

Olwyn and Phil (two of our newest members) are kindly organising a Quiz Night for SCOA members and their families and friends. This will be on Tuesday 23 February at the Somers main clubhouse, starting at 7.30 pm. Very light refreshments may be available (behind the bar), and there will be a prize of some sort. We could try and make up teams of four, but we’ll see how it goes on the night.
There will be a charge of £1.00 per head to cover the cost of hiring the room, and if there’s any money left over, it MAY be used as a prize, or go towards the next event.
So if you think you’re a smartie pants, and want to show it, please support this initiative. It would really help if we knew roughly how many of you are interested, so let us know by the quickest method you know: mouth to earhole, telephone, e-mail or smoke signal.
It is about a thousand years since we had a really good social get-together, and we’d like to get something regular going again, so your support would be really appreciated. Thank you!

Dave's Quiz

Answers from last October’s Newsletter (at last!)

  1. Scarlet Pimpernel
  2. Four and Twenty Blackbirds
  3. Cabbage White
  4. Orange Blossom
  5. Green Fingers
  6. Pink or Mint
  7. Black Widow
  8. White Cliffs
  9. Green Green
  10. Yellow Brick Road

New Questions! Once again, all the answers involve a colour:

  1. Beans
  2. Housekeeper to seven small minors
  3. The flower of Texas
  4. A famous Pirate
  5. Raw and Jealous
  6. A passage of over-ornate writing
  7. The Waterway which parted
  8. A war-time winter dream
  9. 007's enemy
  10. Home of the Government

Thoughts from the shooting line

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, you'll be a damn sight taller than everybody else!!