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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter December 2009

Thought we'd get one in before Christmas! So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers. When will the next one be? Haven't a clue!

Members News

For those of you who are not aware, Derek is not too well at the moment, and any scores you have for him are being dealt with by Maggie. (She's doing her best, but bear with her. You will be notified of the handicap you shot to, and any improvement in classification, but these will not be officially recorded until Derek is operational again.)
We wish Derek all the best and hope he makes a speedy recovery.


First of all, a big thank you to everyone who is supporting our indoor venue this year. We've had a magnificent turnout so far, so please keep up the good work! In fact, at the last indoor before writing this tome, we had the splendid number of 21 shooting members in attendance!
Our last night for 2009 is Friday 18 December, which will be our Grub and Fun Shoot. If you're coming along, please bring a wrapped present to the value of approximately £3.00. (Except M & S Managers, who might be able to manage a little bit more??)
Our return will be on Friday 8 January 2010, and then we should be back to normal.

Postal Matches

The following are postal match dates, and now we've got a much better attendance, we might do a bit better??

Indoor Portsmouth:
Friday 8 January (sorry!!)
Friday 5 February
Friday 5 March

Outdoor Frostbite (3 dozen, 30 metres, with warm victuals supplied)
Sunday 13 December
Sunday 10 January
Sunday 7 February
Sunday 7 March

Further Dates for your Diary

Our 25m Fita at the Harry Mitchell Centre will be held on Sunday 3 January 2010. If you would like to enter, contact Peter Langmaid, or put your name on the list in the clubhouse.
If you could lend a hand on the morning especially to put the faces on and mark out the shooting line, etc, it would be appreciated (the more the merrier!!). You would need to be there at 9.00 am to help, please.

E-Mail Reminder

If you change your e-mail address, or wish to receive your newsletter by e-mail, please notify Bob Hanson.

Records / Shoot Reports

The Pennell family are still smashing records, and at the last count, had nine more club / county awards. Not to be outdone, Tom Woodhouse has a Junior Club Record for a Worcester of 112. So well done – maybe a few more folk could try and outdo them??
Postal League Results will be posted as and when we.ve worked out how everything works, in Derek.s absence. Please be patient!

Social Events

Would you be interested in a social event of some description, ie a club dinner, an outing, or a fun event, or ...... what would you like to do? If the answer to this is “Yes”, let us know your suggestions, as we have someone who is interested in converting your thoughts to reality (only legal activities, please).

Completion of Score Cards

As we have novice score collectors who need all the help they can get, please ensure that the following details are on your scorecards:

Please note:
Ten zone scoring: Only 10s count as golds.
Compound - Indoor: Inner 10s only count as golds.
Compound Outdoor: both the inner and outer 10 ring are golds. Inner 10s are recorded as an X. Please remember to sign your scoresheet. Thank you!

Thoughts From The Shooting Line

Why can't I shoot every end like that last one?