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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter May/June 2006

Welcome to Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter (The publication that's nearly as rare as an honest politician?)

Records Reports

Since the last Newsletter, Luke Pennell has achieved three more Club and County Records, Andy Pennell has four Club and County Records; Sharon Pennell has two Club and County records and Keith Raybould has five Club and County records. So well done to the above-mentioned - keep up the good work. If you shoot well and submit your scores to Derek, you never know, you might get a record yourself!

Shoot Dates

Worcester Cup

If you wish to support the club by shooting the Worcester Cup rounds, see Dave Johnson, who will have the appropriate entry forms. The rounds are:

Shooting Line

During the summer months, it is important that the first people on the field put the field out so that folk can shoot 100 yards if they wish. This means that the safety rope must be extended towards the ditch behind the shooting line, and the shooting line at approximately ten yards from the ditch. This is for safety reasons, especially at this time of year with beginners needing to be set a good example! (There is a plan on the door in the clubhouse).


Those who have been shooting recently will have noticed a shiny nearly new kitchen area in the clubhouse! Bob would like to thank all the people who have assisted with the refurb. They know who they are - Thank you very much. Let's try and keep our new kitchen clean and tidy, to respect the work some of our members have put in. If you use it, clean it and put it away!

Somers Subscriptions

As we reported in our last newsletter, Somers has been saved. This means that people who were blocked from paying the Somers fee last year, will need to do so as soon as possible. As Somers now has to pay rent to the trustees, all our subscriptions are very important. Please ensure that you pay your dues - payment can be made in the bar, during opening hours. It is part of our agreement with Somers that eligible members (one member of each family) are paid up. Concessions available!

Dave's Quiz

Answers to the last issue's Missing Words.

  1. 240 Old Pennies in a Pound ()
  2. 1760 Yards in a Mile
  3. 9 Planets in our Solar System
  4. 3 Wins for Red Rum in the Grand National
  5. 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky
  6. 3 Men in a Boat
  7. 3 Feet in a Yard
  8. 12 Days of Christmas
  9. 5 Furlongs in a Mile
  10. 16 Ounces in a Pound

New Missing Words:

  1. 60 M in 1 H
  2. 31 D in D
  3. In G, a B is 1 U P
  4. 1966 E W W C
  5. 24 C in P G
  6. 7 D in a W
  7. 10 C
  8. 12 M in a Y
  9. 49 N in the N L
  10. 76 T in the B P
Don't ever get worried about a miss - it's only a good shot that's been diverted.

Thoughts from the Shooting Line

Don't ever get worried about a miss - it's only a good shot that's been diverted.