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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter February 2009

Hello! It's us again. Sorry it's been such a long time, but as you get older you tend to hibernate through the winter. There is good news on Somers - see below - so we look forward to seeing you all as a celebration!

Records Reports

It's been such a long time since we've done a newsletter, that it would be impractical to list all the achievements since the last one, so here is the abridged version.

Winter Postal Matches Recurve: could do better

Winter Postal Matches Compound: need to try harder

Congratulations to:

Andy Pennell, who has Barebow records for the following rounds: Long Metric 1; FITA 70; Portsmouth; FITA 25 and Bray 1.

Luke Pennell, who has Compound Unlimited records for the Metric III and Portsmouth rounds

Brian Webster, who has the Longbow record for the FITA 25 round.

Keith Raybould, who has a barebow record for the New Western round.

To make Derek's life easier, as he is getting old and grumpy, could you please ensure that the scoresheets you submit to him have the following information: your name; the date the round was shot; your computer number; the round you have shot; and your score, complete with hits and golds. In other words, fill in your scoresheets properly, please.


After a long hard shoot on a wet and windy Sunday afternoon, it's quite good to come into the clubhouse and have a relaxing sit-down. Sometimes there's no room in the lounge, as all the seats are taken up by equipment cases. By all means tackle up in the lounge, but once you have done so, could you move your stuff so that people have a place to sit? We've also noticed that the tackle cases are pulling the pile on the Axminster carpet (??!!)

Shoot Dates

Provisional Shoot Dates - but no change anticipated, so put them in your diaries. Frequent reminders will be made! Be warned!
Redhill American: 4 May (Monday) - if you want to go, then enter quickly - see Dave Johnson.
Hagley National: 10 May. SCOA members only - come and shoot it!
Breakfast Shoot: 21 June. SCOA members only - we dare you to get up!
Club Champs: 5 July. SCOA members only - are you brave enough?
Rat's Ashes: 12 July. Open tournament - help required, or shoot it.
Albion: 9 August. Open tournament - help required, or shoot it.
Sheriff's Western: 6 September. Open tournament - see last two shoots
All-comers' Warwick: 13 September. SCOA members only - newcomers especially welcome - it's designed for you
Worcester: date to be notified. Open indoor tournament - definitely help required.
FITA 25: 3 January 2010. Open indoor tournament - definitely help required.

News on Somers

SAVED!! At the eleventh hour it looks as though our shooting arrangements at Somers Sports & Social Club are safe for the next ten years. We're not quite sure of the final details, but an arrangement between the Social Club and the Trustees has been agreed, giving the Social Club a ten-year lease. So, until we hear differently, we will just continue to use our facilities as normal.

We anticipate that all the sporting activities based at Somers will, in the future, have access to the new management committee, and for the first time have an input (albeit limited) into the running of Somers Sports & Social Club. We also anticipate that there will be increases in both our rent and Somers' membership, and we will keep you informed once we know these details.


If the situation at Somers is ratified and our tenure is secured, we anticipate refurbishing our kitchen area. The idea is that a specialised team, who have yet to be volunteered, will repair the ceiling. Once that is completed, new kitchen fittings will be obtained, by fair means or foul, and then the place needs painting. For that, when the time comes, we would like some assistance, as we have to scrape off the old flaky paintwork and slosh liberal amounts of new paint on.

Our esteemed Club Captain will sooner or later be press-ganging our willing members into frantic action - so be warned.


On 25 and 26 July (Saturday and Sunday) we are hosting a "have a go" event at Avoncroft Museum of Buildings at Bromsgrove. We need to man our stand from 0900 until 1700 hours on both days, and it requires six people on site at any one time. If you have a few hours to spare, and you'd like to help introduce people to archery, and earn a few bob for the club, contact Bob Hanson, as he needs names to get passes issued. We will remind you again, closer to the date, when you have made your Robin Hood outfit (optional).

News of Members

Belated congratulations to Chris and Heather Weston on the birth of their son, Peter, in October. Don't leave it too long before you introduce him to archery, Chris and Heather!

We are missing those who joined after our courses last year - we'd love to see you! It is National Be Kind To Your Bow Year; all those nice new shiny bows that are locked away in dark tackle boxes, gathering dust, have rights. See E.U. regulation 25884678104-3 sub-paragraph 16, clause 39b stating that bows have the right to be taken into the sunshine and have their limbs exercised.
We have the field and the targets, you have the downtrodden bows, why don't we get together and help save a bow from that final ignominy of being put into the loft.

Indoor Venue

The last indoor shooting date for this winter is the last Friday in March (27th). Support usually falls off towards the end of the indoor shooting season, so we'd like you to make a superhuman effort and come along for the last few weeks.


What are the missing words?

  1. 240 O P in a P
  2. 1760 Y in a M
  3. 9 P in the S S
  4. 3 W for R R in the G N
  5. 1812 O by T
  6. 3 M in a B
  7. 3 F in a Y
  8. 12 D of C
  9. 8 F in a M
  10. 16 O in a P

Thoughts from the Shooting Line

Archery: a sport in which you claim the privilege of age and retain the playthings of childhood.