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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter September 2008

Deep Joy! We're going back indoors in a couple of weeks. The dark, cold nights are here, Christmas is coming, that's another year gone!! But... the newsletters keep rolling on. Keep reading folks:

Welcome to New Members

Thirty-six people attended our Beginners' Courses this year, seventeen of whom have joined us - we would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new fletchlings to SCOA, and wish them many happy hours of shooting. If you've not made it down to the field yet, you're more than welcome - even if you've not got your kit, just come and break the ice and chat!!

Equipment Night

While we're on the subject of fletchlings, for all those people who have purchased new equipment (and those who haven't), we will be holding an equipment night on Tuesday 7 October, in the Clubhouse, commencing at 7.30 pm. We show you how to look after your equipment, fletch and straighten arrows, make strings, and general basic maintenance.

Records Reports

New Records

Sharon Pennell National 426 Club Record
Keith Raybould New National 245 Club Record
Jo Horner Ladies Half-FITA 528 Club Record
Bob Graham Half-Metric II 428 Club Record
Jo Horner FITA 25m 503 Club Record
Clive Freeman Half-Metric II 573 Club Record
Margaret Hanson Windsor 825 Club Record
Luke Pennell National 524 U14 Club & County Record
Luke Pennell Short National 594 U14 Club & County Record

West Midlands Summer League

June Postals:
Bruce Turley had the highest Longbow score for June with a 301 Western, and Keith Raybould had the highest Barebow score with a 450 Western.

Somers Sports and Social Club

Somers is again under pressure from the Trustees, who are taking them to Court to evict them from the building. This could be problematic for us. We are working on contingency plans and will try and keep you informed, as we glean information from Somers. We are attempting to work with the other affiliated clubs, to get a united effort to support Somers' attempts to stay afloat.

You may be able to help. One suggestion is to write a letter to your local Councillor or local paper, expressing concern about the possible loss of a heavily used and popular amenity in Halesowen. Please try to be constructive in any correspondence. It is important that the strength of feeling is made known to the powers that be.


Our indoor season starts on Friday 3 October, at 8.00 pm, at Perryfields School, Oldacre Road, Quinton. This will cost you £3.00 per person, per night, to cover the cost of hiring the hall. We would be delighted to see our new members there - please wear something warm! If you've not been there before, drive through the gates and turn right; follow the road round, bearing left, and you will see other cars parked. We will probably be congregated around the entrance (which will be hidden by Bob's silver Berlingo).

We award a "Best on the Night" Trophy to the archer with the highest handicap adjusted score each week.†If you have just started shooting, you will stand an extremely good chance of winning this prestigious trophy.

"Best on the Day" Trophy

This is a new trophy being inaugurated this year, which will be awarded to the highest scoring novice at any Club outdoor organised shoot, ie winter and summer postal matches, the Hagley National, Club Champs, and the Breakfast Shoot and All-Comers Warwick. The winner will hold the trophy until the next scheduled event, at which time, the trophy will be handed to the next winner.† People are only eligible for this trophy during their first year of shooting, as the baton will be picked up by next year's intake. The current year for this event will finish at the end of July 2009, when we will start all over again.

Forthcoming Events

During October there will be an Indoor Postal match, and also an outdoor Frostbite shoot. The Indoor Postal match is shot at 20 yards on a 60 cm face (you can get two of those on a boss), and consists of five dozen arrows. The more people we can get of any handicap, to shoot these matches, the better the team Derek can select.

The outdoor Frostbite is shot at 30 metres, on an 80 cm face, and consists of three dozen arrows and a hot snack, to keep your spirits up. This is scheduled for the first Sunday in October. Again, support is needed if we are to field a team with a good chance of winning.

The first open competition of the winter season is the Worcester, at Perryfields School. This is being held this year on Sunday 2nd November. If you wish to enter, contact Peter Langmaid, or put your name on the list in the clubhouse. If you don't want to shoot, could you consider coming along to help run it? Volunteers, please contact Bob.

Club Clothing

Club clothing is available in either green or white, with an embroidered club badge on the sleeve. Items available are T-shirts, Polo shirts and Sweat shirts. Other garments may be available on request. Prices are displayed in the clubhouse. Orders to Bob and Margaret, please, who may wait until there are sufficient orders to make it worthwhile fetching them.

Club badges are also available - cloth ones and enamel ones - please contact Jo Horner for details.


You will now be aware that the Club AGM is being held on 8 October. You will have received details of venue and time, but we would like to encourage you to attend, as your views and concerns are important to us.

Small Ads

Any items for sale will be considered for inclusion - just contact Bob, Margaret, Alan or Clive with your wants or sales.

Distance Markers

There is a concrete post in the hedge behind the shooting line. This sets the minimum distance away from the Clubhouse where the first target should be set. For safety reasons, please allow a little more space before putting out the target nearest the hut. Also, for safety reasons again, it was decided at Committee that no target in the first zone should be less than 40 yards from the shooting line. There is a range layout diagram in the clubhouse, and also if you've had one of our handbooks, it's in there as well!

This is all to avoid the possibility, should your arrow fall off the shelf, of it hitting the clubhouse, or more importantly, people around it.

Thoughts from the Shooting Line

Having spent all day with the same three or four people, at the end of the shoot, just say "Thanks for your company, see you again on the shooting line".