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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter October 2007

Our apologies four the quality of this publication as our highly skilled typisi is out of action so me and the lads av done it (does any one know where the "Any Key" is)
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AGM Reports

Our AGM was held on the 10 October and in brief the club fees will remain the same for the following year. All the committee places were filled including the new post of 'Membership Secretary'. Our three new members are Steve Knight (Membership secretary), Jerry Wakefield (Equipment Officer) and Roger Hanson (without portfolio).

Our club captain gave two reports which are included for your perusal:

Well, we are still here and still shooting. I thought that the uncertainty over Somers, and the increase in club fees would seriously affect our membership; however I am proved wrong, as you will have heard in our Treasurer's report that membership is roughly the same as this time last year.
What does concern me is that although we have all these members on paper, they are not making use of the club facilities. It seems strange to me that all of us have paid £100 for the privilege of being a member of an archery club, and bought expensive equipment, but a large proportion of us choose not to exercise their right to attend.
I know that we cannot force people to come shooting, but it would be nice to see more folks at the club on a regular basis. It would make your expenditure be worthwhile, and give the club a bigger pool of archers and scores to choose from for league matches.
Our team attendance at competitions this year has been patchy - sometimes a full quota, and sometimes only a scratch team. It would be nice to field a full team for the Garrington Cup rounds over the winter, and the Worcester League rounds in the summer, thus getting the club firmly back into the shooting calendar. I know that I am guilty of not going to tournaments - this is not meant as a snub, it is a personal thing. The club needs some new blood to take us into the future: will you take up the challenge? You don’t have to be an Olympic archer to enter a tournament or represent your club. Help, support and guidance is always available from the more experienced.

This report is to try to update you on the history and present situation regarding our tenure at Somers.
At last year's AGM the future of Somers Sports and Social Club was very much undecided, as was our continued use of Somers as a shooting venue. Therefore it was decided:

We continued to occupy Somers whilst looking for alternative accomodation as we were paid up until April 2007.
We have had little official communication from Somers regarding the situation, but by April 2007 the climate seemed to have changed for the better, and we successfully negotiated terms for 2008 with a rent increase that was considered reasonable in the circumstances.
While the rent at Somers stays within reasonable limits, there is no reason to leave as we have all the facilities we require, and it will give us time to build up capital for purchasing our own site.
On a personal note, as I am directly involved with the search for a new field, I am on the books of two Land agents. If I see anywhere suitable for auction, I ask for details. I have contacted many landowners and sporting venues but have so far been unsuccessful.
This is the situation to date and if anything changes I will keep you updated via the newsletter.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held every third Monday in the month at Somers, starting at 7.30pm. Any club member can attend and observe the proceedings. Also the minutes of all meetings are available on request.

Records Reports

New Records

Margaret Hanson Long Warwick 349 Club Record
Luke Pennell St. Nicholas 670 Club and County Record - Jnr Gent U14

Luke Pennell

Cool Hand Luke is now only fourteen and has only been shooting since 2006. In this short time he has achieved phenomenal results.
He is a British and European Champion for his age group, breaking numerous long-standing records in EFAA field archery and also achived Junior Bowman under GNAS rules.
This is a very truncated report of his achievements but it just shows what can be done.
Congratulations Luke, keep it up.

Bow Magazine Competition

The first leg of three was shot in beautiful conditions by 15 members and won by Gareth Read, who was presented with the winner's medal.
The second leg was shot in conjunction with the All Comers' Warwick, which was won by David Johnson.
The third leg was a St. Nicholas round and was won by Gareth again, making him the overall winner. Congratulations Gareth.

Indoor Shooting

You are needed by your club to be part of our team. No matter what your age or handicap, from the long time members with decreasing classifications, or our newer members with their ever increasing abilities.
Your Club is over 50 years old. We invite you all to take part over the next 5 months to enter one or more of the next 6 indoor shoots in Worcestershire and to help keep the club profile alive for the next 50 years or more.
All indoor shoots are at short distances, these being 18 to 30 metres. Not too difficult and often only lasting for a morning or afternoon.
So will you join our team and show the SCoA flag and keep the club profile high for all to see, for the next generation of archers.
What I am really saying in all of these ramblings is please take part in away shoots for the good of all members, past, present, and future. Members make this wonderful Company - only you can keep its heritage alive.
To get some indoor practice come along to our indoor venue at Perryfields School, Oldacre Road, Oldbury B68 on Friday nights commencing at 8.00 pm. The cost is still only £3 a session.
Teams for the Garrington Cup Rounds are needed; these are the tournaments we wish to cover.

The outdoor field is always there for you to shoot on for the whole of the year on club days.

Dave Johnson.

Shoot Reports

Sword of Shrewsbury - 8th September

We travelled to Shrewsbury for this longbow only competition.
In the morning it was a Double Clout. Because of the foot and mouth disease the cattle had been kept in the field for a month. During this time the weather had been wet leaving lots of deep hoof shaped potholes. Since then the sun had baked the earth hard which resulted in the potholes being overgrown with grass, so it was easy to put one's foot in them. However, the simple minded archers carried on, soon finding a path to avoid the rough ground.
We had to shoot 3 arrows 180 yards, walk to fetch them and shoot them back. This we did 12 times per Clout. The ladies Clout distance was 120 yards. Then we did it all again for the second Clout. Wonderful pleasure and fun all with helpful ribald comments.
In the afternoon we shot a National. This was also shot in ends of three. The pleasure of using the long-bow at long and short distances with heavy and light draw weights was a delight.
On the way back we stopped for a meal at a hostelry. We arrived home by early evening, completely tired out, but happy as Larry.
This was on the Saturday with the pleasure and anticipation of the All Comers' Warwick to be shot on Sunday. All in all a very enjoyable and busy weekend.


Civil Service National Championships

The event was this year held in Northern Ireland. The shooting grounds were within the estate of Stormont Castle. The round was a York/Hereford, shot on Friday the 14th Sept.
Sighters were timed for 09:30 so assembly was at 09:15. This meant as a consequence that our breakfast was very early to allow time to get to the shoot and erect our tents etc.
The day started dry but that was about all you could say positive about the weather as the wind blew, died, gusted and changed direction on a whim so you never really new what to do to compensate. So I just gave up on any adjustment and shot through the wind and even at 100yds managed to hit the boss most of the time. The language drifting on the wind up and down the shooting line was choice as many of the competitors were heard to say “***** I haven't shot this badly for years”.
It was comments like this that made me feel a little better about the standard of my shooting.
The 6 dozen at 100 yards came and went after which we retired to the pavilion where a buffet lunch was provided. We then shot the 4 dozen at 80 yards and straight away the 2 dozen at 60.
Upon completion the organisers announced that the evening meal would be starting with the raffle and prize giving (again in the pavilion) at 19:00. I have never seen a field clear of archers and equipment so fast as we all returned to the hotel to change.
The evening settled down and the raffle proceeded (I didn't get anything) and before the food the presentation of the Trophies and medals commenced. It was about ¾ of the way through when the Ellis Smith Trophy (highest score with lowest classification) was announced and much to my amazement my name was called out. So it was with pride that I went up to collect the Cup.
My evening finished then as I don't remember a thing after this being on cloud nine so I will have to rely on Maureen to tell me about the food etc.


Raffle Prizes

Martin Woodhouse has asked us to mention that he needs you to donate any acceptable items for his collection of raffle prizes. (Faberge Eggs are acceptable.) Either contact Martin or leave your donations in the Club House, suitably labelled.

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Dave's Quiz No. 43

  1. Rommel
  2. Indian Ocean
  3. 1920's
  4. Dr. Doolittle
  5. 2.00 pm in Athens
  6. Jules Verne
  7. Vesuvius
  8. Ponderosa
  9. Rabat
  10. James 1

Dave's Quiz No. 44

  1. In what activity would you make a banjo cable or a leaf rib?
  2. What would you have if you were a collector of Coalport?
  3. How many tricks make up a grand slam in bridge?
  4. Which Cluedo weapon's initial letter is nearest the beginning of the alphabet?
  5. In pottery, what is slip?
  6. What would you be doing if you practised a strathspey and a pas de basque?
  7. What is the practise of formal handwriting called?
  8. What do British stamps not have on them which most other stamps do?
  9. Alfred Wainwright wrote books on which leisure activity?
  10. What is numismatics?
  11. In which month is the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run?
  12. What is the Viking Centre in York called?

Thoughts from the Shooting Line

Vacant minds are like thistledown