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Stourbridge Company of Archers Newsletter August 2007

Has it stopped raining yet? The field is dry (honestly) - we need you to come and shoot, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Come and enjoy some English weather and friendly companionship.

Once again, as usual at this time of year, welcome to all our new fletchling members - this is our spasmodic newsletter. It's one of the ways we pass information to all our members. It's not always 100% accurate, but we do our best, and we mean well!! If you would like to make an input, just contact Alan, Bob, Clive or Maggie.

Records Report

New Records

Luke Pennell Short National 488 U/14 Club Record

Luke has also achieved his AAS Red Badge - congratulations Luke.

West Midlands Summer Postal League

We are fourth in Division Two. Redditch are top, some 342 points in front of us.

County of Worcester Summer League

We are sixth out of seven. Droitwich are below us, and the leaders Malvern are 286 points ahead of us.

Dates for Your Diary

19 August - West Midlands Summer League - National Rounds (six dozen arrows)

2 September - Sheriff's Western (8 dozen arrows)

Bow International Competition

We have entered this competition again this year, having done extremely well last year with one of our novices winning one of the main donated trophies. This competition is specifically targeted at new archers. The rounds are no more than fifty yards, and there is a chance, if you compete, of winning £1,000 worth of archery equipment of your choice. The rounds are:

29 August - Junior National (4 doz. at 50 yards; 2 doz at 40 yards)

9 September - All comers' Warwick (varying distances to suit ability, two dozen at each of two distances)

30 September - St. Nicholas (4 dozen at 40 yards and 3 dozen at 30 yards)

All rounds are handicap adjusted, so everyone has an equal chance.

Entry forms will be on a notice board in the clubhouse. Please put your name on them.

Equipment Night - Tuesday 2 October.

This is primarily for all the folk who have recently bought their equipment although anyone else may attend. We will show you how to maintain your arrows, serve your strings, and look after your bows. Everything the budding archer needs to know. No need to pre-book, just turn up at the clubhouse at about 7.30 pm. Talk to Bob if you have any defective kit you would like looked at (hardware, not software!!)

A.G.M. - 10th October

You will soon be getting correspondence from our Secretary, inviting you to our AGM, and giving details. It would be good to see you there, so you can make a contribution if you wish. It is a friendly affair, with light refreshments afterwards, and also presentations of certain trophies.

Shoot Reports

National Field Archery Society's 3-D Championships, Tavistock - a weekend in June.

Along with some 19 of my friends from the Black Country Archers, and Severn Valley Archers, I travelled to Tavistock in Devon to meet with some 500 archers from all over the country. We travelled down on Friday to the White Hart Hotel in Launceston. The shoot was to take place on Saturday and Sunday, and we would return home on the Bank Holiday Monday.

The weather forecast was good for the Saturday and terrible for the Sunday, but it turned out that it stayed good right up to the last two hours, most of which we spent in the marquee awaiting the results.

The shoot itself was great fun. The targets were set in the woods as well as in the Old Tin Mine. Judging the distance was hard as the use of ground and natural obstacles were put to good effect, both up and down hills, and across lakes and open ground. Part of the second course was steep because it was in the Old Tin Mine Quarry, which was referred to as the moonscape

One course was mainly woodland with animal targets throughout. Two of the targets were an owl on top of a totem pole at 30 yards, and an elk at 50 yards down a steep hill.

There were three courses this year instead of the usual two, because not all who wished to shoot could get a place in past years. This is a very popular two day shoot, because all taking part find it most enjoyable.

Dave Johnson

Hagley National - 13th May

Oh what a joy it is to be outside again at Somers, shooting the first of the Club shoots for this year. Well, sort of; to be honest the weather was not really what we would have liked, as there was a bit of rain. Hell, let's tell it how it was - the heavens opened just in time for the sighters and continued until we had completed the first distance. It eased a bit whilst we were in the Clubhouse drying off a little, then just as we started the second distance it resumed.

Looking on the bright side (with your eyes closed), this shoot, in spite of the weather, was very well attended with five bosses out, all of which were practically at capacity.

There was sufficient humour to carry all of us through the shoot and to come out the other side with comments like “see you on Tuesday". "OK, if the weather is reasonable!!" This shoot is handicap adjusted and the results combine all disciplines giving us a Lady, Gent & Junior winner.

Rats Ashes - 9th July

After a very windy, wet and extremely doubtful weather forecast, the heavens blessed us with a rather warm sunny day, which may have been down to a lot of “It won't rain” chanting which was effective until the prize giving. We had a good show and ended up putting 12 targets out with a good mix of archers, even Keith and Brian had some bare bow competition.

In the first end some one got over eager and played 'hide the arrow in the bank' which kept most of S.C.O.A work-party busy in between ends, with their confounded all-carbon arrows. The rest of the 60 yards went off unhitched with the sun becoming quite fierce. At the end of the distance, Martin W's wife Julie graced us with her presence with the kids in tow and did a fantastic job of selling raffle tickets. Not to be out-done, Alan B's family all came to support Val who sold cakes and refreshments like they were going out of fashion.

At 50 yards it became increasingly difficult to pull arrows out of the very new bosses, some taking three people to retrieve one arrow. More tickets were sold at the break, with Owen taking an interest in selling raffle tickets to aid Julie. The fact that she was young and blonde was irrelevant (so he said).

At the 40 yard distance some clouds started to appear but held off yet again.

This year saw the new prize for the seniors. Shame Clive and Derek didn’t enter - they could have won it on age alone (Tee hee.)

Just as the spot prizes were handed out, the heavens opened and people made a dash for it.

A big thank you to Val and Jane in the kitchen, and Julie and Owen on the raffle, as well as the S.C.O.A. work party who made the day very enjoyable for all.

Martin Woodhouse

The Redhill American

This is the first round of the annual Worcester Cup which clubs can take part in throughout the summer with many of the clubs within the old county of Worcestershire hosting competitions.

The American Round is shot over the three distances of 60, 50 and 40 yards, with two and a half dozen arrows being shot at each.

Historically this shoot has suffered from weather peaking at extremely hot, and hitting the depths with tornadoes and hailstorms. 2007 was not to be outdone with the 60 yards shot in the rain; the 50 yards in brilliant sunshine and the 40 yards in drizzle and high winds.

Yet again, a gust of wind took one person's tent, along with booking-in forms and the like. Still, four of us from SCOA went to enjoy ourselves and we were going to, come whatever. To be honest none of us shot to our standard, but we all said we enjoyed the day - even me who had two different archers trip over the guy ropes of my tent, tearing one rope away from the tent and then breaking a second rope. Oh well, if it happened to me then it didn't happen to someone else, so I suppose that's a consolation.

At the prize giving SCOA were again in the mix with Bob Cole taking second with the longbow. Well done Bob.


Other shoots we attended or hosted were:

This shows we are taking part in shoots, well done everyone and keep up the good work! Maybe some of our newer enthusiasts could take up the gauntlet next year and join the die-hards, and represent the club. Talk to Dave or Clive, to find out what it's all about.

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz 42:

  1. Jelly Babies
  2. Milky Way
  3. Quality Street
  4. Chocolate Buttons
  5. After Eights
  6. All Gold
  7. Polo
  8. Milk Tray
  9. Bounty
  10. Mars Bar
  11. Turkish Delight
  12. Bon Bon
  13. Bulls Eyes
  14. Weekend
  15. Yorkie
  16. Humbug
  17. Double Decker
  18. Roses
  19. Penguin
  20. Black Magic

Quiz 43:

  1. Which wartime hero had the same name as Hilda Ogden's cat?
  2. Which sea are the Seychelles in?
  3. Which decade saw the first Wembley cup final?
  4. Which fictional doctor lived at Puddleby-on-Marsh?
  5. If it's noon GMT, what time is it in Athens?
  6. Who wrote 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'?
  7. Which is the only active volcano in mainland Europe?
  8. On which ranch was 'Bonanza' set?
  9. What is the capital of Morocco?
  10. Who authorised the authorised version of the Bible?

Thoughts from the Shooting Line:

The Three Ages of an Archer:

Youth: Know it All

Middle Age: Talk about it All

Old Age: Sod it All