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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter December 2006

Re-arrange these words into a well known phrase or saying: Christmas Merry Readers to Our All and New Year Happy A.

Records Report

New Records

Luke Pennell Portsmouth 436 U12 Club Record
Luke Pennell Short Warwick 307 U12 Club Record

County Indoor Rankings

Pete Langmaid was in sixth (out of seven or eight!) place in the 2005/6 county ranking list - congratulations Pete!!

Dates for Your Diary

SCOA's 25m FITA at the Harry Mitchell Sports Centre, Smethwick - 7 January 2006.

See Peter Langmaid if you want to enter. Help required on the day, please.


Sunday 14 January
Sunday 4 February
Sunday 11 March

Hot food is provided, so please come along and support your club.

Indoor Portsmouths

Friday 12 January 2007
Friday 9 February 2007
Friday 9 March 2007

Shoot Reports

Worcester County Field Shoot - 29th October

This is a shoot that runs once a year at Oaklands and is a field shoot run under GNAS rules & regs so you aim at roundels rather than pictures of animals.

The shoot was blessíd with glorious sunshine all day, which only added to the enjoyment. There were many ups and downs as we progressed around the course, many of which were the archers' ability rather than the terrain. Yours truly suffered as it became apparent that he was shooting whilst his mind was unbalanced (his shoe laces were undone). In addition he was required to stand with his hands fully stretched above his head to cast a shadow over the face of one COMPOUND LIMITED archer as he was complaining that the sun was affecting his scoring. Strange that he came first in his particular bow type and I came well down in mine.

Once Bob realised that Mundon metres are longer than metric metres, and adjusted his sights accordingly, his shooting improved no end!!

Seriously, all SCOA archers enjoyed the day and came away with 3 awards :-

Bob Hanson: Recurve
Brian Webster: Longbow
Keith Raybould: Barebow


SCoAís 2006 Worcester - 5th November

The annual open Worcester that we host at Perryfields was this year very well attended by both SCOA and visiting club archers. For those who competed and those who helped, you will remember that there was less than a breath of wind, no rain at all but a SLIGHT drop in the temperature.

We had a number of archers who had never shot a competitive Worcester round before and the judge's opening comments were as usual most enlightening (NOT) regarding who shot when, where and what at.

The round was shot with the usual degree of good humour mixed with plenty of competitiveness. We saw a Robin Hood, but unfortunately for the archer himself he of course shot his own arrow and to make matters worse it was not even in the white.

We were also privileged to have three (yes 3) perfect rounds - a maximum of 300 with all arrows in the 5.

(One of these three archers was heard to comment that he was not altogether happy with the round as 5 of his arrows were line cutters and not grouped. I would like to suffer with a 300 Worcester with 5 line cutters.)

SCOA were able to claim medals for Keith Raybould (barebow) and Brian Webster (longbow). All the trophies went to visiting archers. Let's hope that our other winter open shoot; the FITA 25m in January will be as well attended.

Just a note to any of our archers who do not wish to compete; we would love to see you at the events to assist with the setting up and the clearing away after the shoot has finished, as well as during the event when your help with raffle ticket selling etc would really assist.


Evesham 18m FITA - November 12th

In early November, four of us set off from Somers at some ungodly hour to motor to Evesham to compete in their Record Status FITA 18m.

Those of you who have shot this round will appreciate the difficulty of negotiating the 4 sets of faces on each boss when starting at 09:30 on a cold morning.

Anyway the company from as far afield as Devon & Cornwall made up for this and we progressed through the shoot with yours truly giving archers in the immediate vicinity much humour: -
I attempted to shoot when it wasnít my turn (meaning 3 on the line at our target), and;
I made to walk up to the target to score when the second discipline had yet to shoot.

Pete Lander explained it away by saying that this happens when you get to my age.

The morning session finished and there was the usual rush to pack away our kit whilst the afternoon shooters were assembling theirs.

All four of us agreed that we had enjoyed the day (even young Martin who had shot his first Fita 18 and his first Record status shoot on the same day; so well done Martin).

We will await the result sheet with anticipation, as this shoot was the first round in the winter's Garrington Cup.


Redditch Stafford - November 26th

Three of us left Somers all with the intention of shooting well and hopefully enjoying the shoot. Things didnít get off too well as before we had actually shot sighters I had:

  1. Turned into the Hospital entrance instead of the Community Centre;
  2. Realised after setting up my bow that the reason it was very dark in the hall was not the poor lighting but that I still had my sunglasses on;
  3. I had forgotten to take a flask of the brew that cheers (COFFEE) so got a cup from the machine at the venue with a pound coin only to find that it didnít give change.

Well, we put all that behind us and commenced with the shoot and for myself I was reasonably satisfied with the first dozen until the closeness of the waiting area to the shooting line manifested itself as a junior on the next target to me clouted me on my head with his long rod. I still donít know what I did to upset him!!

Anyway, the shoot proceeded. One of the archers on my target was shooting very very well and the only time I put one of my arrows in the 10 ring he shot the nock off; ah well, that serves me right for trying too much. I ended up just 10 points off my PB for this round so was satisfied with the day. The 2 Peters were both happy with their rounds so we await the results sheets with anticipation. Pete Lander gained a classification medal, so well done everyone!


Droitwich Worcester (3rd round in the Garrington Cup) - December 10th

This shoot, put on by Droitwich, was a record status Double Worcester within which the County have their third tournament of the winter for the Garrington Cup.

The usual 3 of us left Somers on a Sunday morning at a very respectable 10:15 (we were entered in the second of the 3 sessions run through the day) with all the good intentions that archers set out with.

Yours truly had made what turned out to be a classic error on the prior Friday evening by practising shooting a Worcester round. I was very pleased as I shot only a few points off my PB; all the omens were there for a humbling at the competition.

It proved all too right, as I could not put 2 arrows together in the first half of the round. Things did improve after we changed targets at half way but never enough to repair the damage.

Never mind, Peter Langmaid upheld the honour of SCOA with a round up to his usual standard and Peter Lander - well - he will take a long time before passing through a normal width door as he shot 292 out of a maximum of 300. Well done Pete!

We returned to Somers at 15:00 expecting to see fellow SCOA members on the field completing the Frostbite, but the ground was bare. How can a few drops of rain put off the hardy SCOAns, I ask you?

Pete Lander won the single Worcester round, compound section, with the above 292.


The AGM was fairly well attended and the Committee was re-elected with one vacancy for an "Additional Member without Portfolio".

The main items on the agenda were our future at Somers and the resulting review of club subscriptions.

After some discussion, it became apparent that we have two choices: to stay at Somers, or find an alternative venue. In either case, substantial increases in costs would occur. As a consequence, it was agreed by the meeting to increase the Club Subscriptions to £100 per annum. This includes all archery affiliation fees.

The Committee realises this is a substantial increase and are looking at ways of spreading the cost.

The meeting also authorised the Committee to actively seek a new venue and rent or purchase in the best interests of the club.

Quiz Apologies:

Here are the long awaited answers from the April 2006 Newsletter (if you can remember that far back!!)

Quiz 40 Answers:

  1. Apples
  2. African Queen
  3. Bohemia
  4. George III
  5. All parts of a flag
  6. Percussion
  7. Playing Cards
  8. Jericho
  9. Starfish
  10. First woman MP

Also (you can't get decent Newsletter staff nowadays, can you?) the answers for:

Pete's Anniversary Quiz (July's Newsletter):

  1. 110010
  2. 10
  3. I'll be Home, by Pat Boone
  4. Anthony Eden
  5. 1911
  6. Hoyt
  7. Au
  8. 79
  9. An anchor
  10. Heavier. Gold is traditionally weighed in Troy ounces (1 Troy oz = 31.1 grams) as opposed to 'normal' ounces (1 oz = 28.35 grams).

Dave's Quiz

Right, here is Dave's Quiz No. 41:




A Stone


A Bicycle


A Singer


Part of a Gorilla's leg


Man's name


A kind of pig


The sun, moon and stars


A leather worker


50% of a pair of pants


A royal headdress


Hit repeatedly


An unwell sea creature




Thoughts from the Shooting Line:

Never flinch, never weary, never despair: Just shoot the damn thing!