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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter October 2006

Thoughts from the Editors: Indoors again = Winter. No wind, no rain, no excuses (sorry, reasons).

The summer's over, the swallows are on the wires, and the enthusiastic archers are in the dark. It's Indoor time again. See you at Perryfields.

Records Report

New Records

Peter Langmaid Short National 594 Club Record
Stuart Turner Short National 174 U/16 Club Record
Roger Hanson Short Western 772 Club Record
Jo Horner Short Western 764 Club Record
Martin Burgess Junior Warwick 209 U/16 Club Record
Martin Burgess Junior Western 503 Club Record
Margaret Hanson Short National 580 Club Record
Bob Hanson Short National 596 Club Record
Bob Hanson Short Western 808 Club Record
Margaret Hanson Short Western 782 Club Record

County Champs

Louise Lammas obtained third place in the Ladies Compound section at the County Champs - well done Louise!

County of Worcester Summer Postal League

We are firmly in last place, despite some success in the August postal, where Jo Horner was second highest lady recurve score, and Margaret Hanson had third highest compound lady score. Margaret and Jo were also highest and second highest respectively, in the ladies handicap adjusted section.

West Midlands Summer Postal League

We are last but one in Division one, so no change there!

Dates for Your Diary

Indoor Shooting

Perryfields School, Oldacre Road, Friday Nights, starting on 6th October at 8.00 pm. This costs £3 each, and wear something warm!

Indoor Tournaments

The dates for the Garrington Cup are as follows:

Other indoor tournaments this winter:

Please see Dave Johnson for further details, and to register your interest in attending. For those wishing to go to our shoots, please see Peter Langmaid.

Shoot Reports

Sheriff’s Western; 3 September

This was the last of the summer season's open shoots hosted by SCOA. We were yet again pretty fortunate with the weather with the rain holding off for the whole of the shoot and reasonably sunny for the day.

The targets were well packed with SCOA archers, four of whom were competing in their first full open competition shoot (and well done to all of them). The shoot proceeded with very little to comment on, as everyone just buckled down and tried their very best.

Yours truly amazed himself (and everyone else) by having his name on the leader board in first place after the first dozen. Normality was achieved after the second dozen when I dropped off the leader board completely.

The best competition was in the gents recurve, where two archers were within a few points of each other for the whole eight dozen, with Roger Hanson of SCOA holding himself together for the last end and winning the trophy - well done Roger.

SCOA also took further honours with second compound Peter Lander and Clive Freeman third. Keith Raybould won the Gents Barebow, Brian Webster got second place in the Gents Longbow, and Chris Weston won SCOA's "Best Novice" trophy. Martin Burgess won the Junior Recurve award, so well done to all SCOA members who shot, especially our newcomers, and apologies from the Editors if they’ve missed anyone.

Clive Freeman

Civil Service National Championships; 7-8 September

This was the first time that I had attended this competition and was able to represent my region following qualification at the Midlands regional shoot.

I was fortunate in that this was the first year that the Civil Service had recognised "The Path to Enlightenment" (i.e. The Compound Bow) as a bow style to be supported by sponsorship so along I went.

On the appointed day, I joined many other archers (25 full Targets) from all corners of the UK (including Northern Ireland) on the shooting ground and assembled my kit.

The usual introductions took place and the last comment from the Senior Judge (there being 3 as it was record status) was for all archers to ensure that they DID NOT LOSE ANY ARROWS as it was a multi-sport field and the next day they were hosting an international rugby match.

With the 3 other archers on my target coming from London, the South West and Lancashire our target was a good mix.

As the round was a York, off we went at 100 yards, with 2 of us having the odd miss at this distance and the other 2 competing to see who could get the most golds on each end. This particular mini challenge was won when one of them shot a 6 Gold End at 100 yards. The Judge announced this achievement to the field and a round of applause ensued.

We progressed until the 6 dozen at 100 yards were completed when we broke for lunch, all provided in pleasant surroundings of the clubhouse. During lunch, the AGM of the Civil Service Archery Association took place (using the old adage of a captive audience). The eighty yards followed at which I must say I excelled (well for my standards anyway) regularly getting 2 to 4 golds at each end. Then there was another short break where food was again available.

My sixty yards was OK (ish). At the end of the round there was the usual mad rush to pack away but... ...when the archer who was scoring on our target came up to me to sign for my score, he commented that I had given him a very clean sheet to record with a final score of a nice round 800. He then said "Have you got your Rose for this score?" - something I had given no thought to. Well as I had not, I was able to put in a claim for an 800 Rose, which gave me great pleasure.

All in all a great weekend.

Clive Freeman

Sword of Shrewsbury - Clout and Two-Way National; 9th September

This is a longbow only shoot and eight SCOA members attended on a windy Saturday, making the Clout seem longer there than on the way back!

However, we all stayed dry, took a handful of raffle prizes, and Maggie got third place overall Lady.

Owen Beard scored a Clout on his very first end and another one later on, and then bemoaned the fact that he wasn't doing very well - you can't please 'em all!

All-comers' Warwick; 10 September

This year we were fortunate to be able to shoot this closed club shoot in almost perfect weather with the sun shining and very little wind.

As you all know, this shoot is put on to allow new archers to the club to shoot to competition rules without the pressure which would be experienced at another club ground. Seven of our newcomers attended, and did extremely well (see results below).

We were also blessed with an almost record turn out requiring a total of 8 bosses to cover the various distances shot. The concept of the shoot is to give the new archers a very good chance of winning by handicapping the round not only by individual handicaps but also by making the better archers shoot greater distances.

The shoot went well with the following winners:-
Gents :- Chris Weston
Ladies :- Heather Weston
Junior :- Martin Burgess

In addition this shoot was chosen as the third and last round of the postal competition sponsored by the BOW Magazine and in this the overall winner was :- David Duckhouse.

All in all yet again another well attended and enjoyed SCOA shoot.

Clive Freeman

Future of Somers

As we're sure you're all aware, because of the uncertainty of the future of Somers, SCOA's Committee are actively investigating alternatives, should the worst happen and we are unable to continue at Somers.

One scenario is to purchase our own land (if the price is right). Whilst we are pursuing various avenues, if anyone knows of any suitable agricultural land for sale (or rent), please make it known to a Committee Member.

Further explanations will be forthcoming at the AGM (see below!)

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 11 October 2006 at the United Reform Church, Halesowen, at 7.30 pm.

We would like a good attendance this year especially in view of the above article regarding Somers. The meeting is a friendly get together, and there are rarely any contentious issues.

There are presentations of various trophies during this meeting, and also the chance to hear what the Committee gets up to over the course of a year.

As an added incentive, GNAS membership cards for the year 2006/7 will be issued at the meeting. So come along to collect yours!

Thoughts from the Shooting Line

A Compound archer only needs 3 things in life: - a full set of Allen keys, an extensive range of Anglo-Saxon and a hammer for those delicate adjustments!