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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter January 2006

Happy New Year to all our readers: We hope your shooting matches your expectations for the year.


Matthew Ingram, aged 13, has won the coveted Stourbridge Company of Archers Handicap Improvement Trophy, by dropping his handicap a massive 24 points.

His Mum said "When he says he's bored, he can clean this himself." She added "It's NOT going on top of the television."

To the Editors' knowledge, this is the first time that a Junior has won the trophy so, very well done Matthew - keep up the good work.

Records Reports

British Archer Winter Postals

November matches:

December matches:

West Midlands Winter Postals

We are currently seventh out of ten in the second division of this competition, some 514 points behind the leaders, Solihull Archers, and that's after one match only!

Handicap Re-assessment

Derek has re-assessed everyone's outdoor handicap and the board in the hut is up to date.

Shoot Reports - by Clive Freeman

The Redditch Stafford - 27 November

This was the second of this winter's Garrington Cup rounds, when we shot six dozen at 30m at a 80cm face. Not the most inviting of rounds, as it is shot in threes to reduce arrow damage, and that means a lot of walking! Still, five of us attended and we all came away feeling that we had shot to an acceptable standard, and looked forward to the results.

The shoot was very well attended, with only a couple of spaces in the morning session and, by all accounts, the afternoon was fully booked.

It was tight behind the line (as always on this distance) but it carried over to the shooting line as I was for ever being made aware of the archer behind me with delicate touches of his long rod! Normally I didnít mind but when he left the line whilst I was at full draw and gently tapped my leg I felt that this was a little too far.

The Droitwich Worcester - 11 December

For the first time in many years the annual Droitwich Worcester was not held at Perdiswell which meant that we all had to learn a new route to the venue. So "Early one mor-or-ning" (well 9 am on Sunday), a convoy of three cars left Somers and headed at the speed of the slowest, (me), in the general direction of Worcester. Well, surprise, surprise we found the venue without any mistakes, which meant that any problems would be in the shoot - ah well, never mind.

The shoot commenced with the usual rendition from the judge Ian Capewell, of "A & B shoot at the top two, and C & D shoot at the bottom two. You all swap after two and a half dozen with C & D shooting at A & B, and A & B shooting at C & D but A & B always shoot first". Did you all get that??!!

Seriously the four who went shot (in the main) to the credit of the club. I was something of a failure but was able to explain it through the 'New Equipment' syndrome. We ended the shoot with the following awards:-

Louise Lammas - Second Lady Compound
Matthew Ingram - Third Junior Gent Recurve
Clive Freeman - Classification Gent Compound

SCOA Annual 25m FITA - 8 January

Once again SCOA hosted this rarely shot round as part of the Worcester County Winter competition (The Garrington Cup). There was a reasonable turn out with the afternoon session full, apart from a couple of places and the morning session about half full. We fielded teams in both Compound and Recurve disciplines and shot with varying degrees of success. There were some of us who shot well and others (me) who fell short of expectations, and also those who suffered equipment failures. These equipment failures were not restricted to SCOA, as another archer had his sight repaired in between ends with super glue.

Apart from the less than hoped for scores, all who attended seemed to enjoy the day, especially Brian Webster who medalled. Peter Lander also won an award, despite not having sight marks to start with! Well done to both.

Forthcoming Shoots

12 February - Wyre Forest Portsmouth - This is a Garrington Cup Round. There are still spaces left in the morning session - some SCOA members are attending and would be delighted for you to accompany them. See Dave Johnson for entry details.

5 March - Evesham 18m FITA - This is the last round of the Garrington Cup and also incorporates the Worcester County Indoor Championships and the West Midlands Regional Indoor Championships. As above, see Dave if you'd like to have a go!

Coaching News

Saints and Sinners Club (at Kidderminster) have invited us to take advantage of some coaching they are arranging. Phil Morris is co-ordinating this, and three recurve coaching sessions will be taking place on Wednesdays.

If you would like to be considered, you can either contact Phil directly or contact me (Maggie) and I'll find out more about it (that's all I know at the moment).

For Sale

One pair of Border TX Silver Limbs. Easy draw and giving a very good cast. 34lb at 28" with international limb fitting. Medium size - 66" bow with a 25" riser. Price: £125.00.

If you are interested, contact Derek Peacock either direct or via the website.

Club Clothing:

We have the following unsold garments in stock:

White polo shirts - 1 medium, 2 large and 1 X-large - a bargain at £13.00 each!

If you would like to be the proud owner of clothing with our Club Logo, please contact Maggie. Items can be ordered on request.

SCOA Calendar - 2006/7

7th MayHagley National
18th JuneBreakfast Shoot
25th JuneClub Championships
9th JulyRat's Ashes (Golden Shoot)
13th AugustAlbion
3rd SeptemberSheriff's Western
10th SeptemberAll-Comers' Warwick
5th NovemberWorcester
7th January 200725m FITA

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz 38

  1. A bowler hat
  2. A nappy
  3. A faucet
  4. Kerosene
  5. Thumb tacks
  6. Noughts and Crosses
  7. A trunk
  8. A dinner jacket
  9. Our post code
  10. A billfold

Quiz 34

All answers include one of these names: Tom, Dick or Harry.

  1. The 4th actor to play Dr Who.
  2. David Jansen played this American Private Eye
  3. He partnered Muttley in the 'Wacky Races' cartoon show
  4. The character played by Richard Briers in 'The Good Life'
  5. He played Albert Steptoe's son.
  6. He played Magnum P.I.
  7. The former 'World of Sport' presenter with a streak.
  8. A famous criminal who was played on TV by Richard O'Sullivan
  9. Modern day comedian who advertised Mercury Communication on TV.
  10. The chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.

Thoughts from the Shooting Line

Why is it you hear compound archers say many times, when shooting indoors: "Itís too dark to see my spot."
Why is it you hear compound archers say many times, when shooting outdoors: "It's too sunny, I can't see my spot." ???