Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter November 2005

May we, the editors, take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year? (You may have gathered this will be the last Newsletter before either of these dates!). Our Christmas Present list is available on request. Thank you!

Records Report

New Records

Matthew Ingram Short Windsor 802 Club Record
Matthew Ingram Junior Warwick 376 Club Record
Callum Taylor Short Warwick 256 Club Record
Matthew Ingram Short Warwick 356 Club Record
Margaret Hanson Gents half-FITA 420 Club Record
Louise Lammas New Warwick 370 Club Record

Congratulations are in order for Matt Ingram who has attained Junior Bowman U/14 status, and Callum Taylor, who achieved a club record whilst shooting his third round. Unfortunately for Callum, it only lasted a week before Matt shot a better score.

County News

It has been reported that Louise Lammas is nineteenth in the National Rankings. Congratulations, Louise!

Shoot Reports - by Clive Freeman

SCOA's Annual Albion - 14th August

This year's Albion took place with the usual pre-shoot expectation of inclement weather, but it was not to be as we completed the shoot with hardly a spot of rain. The attendance this year was down on previous years, but the general feeling of those who shot, was that it was an enjoyable day in another SCOA relaxed event.

The results in both the Recurve and Compound disciplines were not decided until almost the last dozen. We had archers of all abilities shooting alongside each other, and words of encouragement were heard throughout the day. Equipment failures struck SCOA archers again, but with the co-operation of all, quick repairs were carried out without too much inconvenience.

The raffle followed the completion of the shoot, then the prize giving, which took place in record time, as the rain decided to join us, and most archers sheltered under umbrellas, unless called upon to receive a cup or medal.

The Redditch Windsor - 21st August

Oh, what pleasure to have a shoot on such a day! We left Somers in three cars, heading into brilliant sunshine with not a cloud in the sky. We arrived at the field without getting lost, even around the roundabouts in Redditch! Our tents and umbrellas were erected, everyone booked in and all were relaxing with good company and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks.

We started shooting, and that's when it all started to go downhill. Keith began to suffer equipment failures at an alarming rate, with his arrow rest travelling farther up the field than his arrows. The stickability was somewhat lacking until fellow archers applied an adhesive well known for its longevity, and all settled down.

Then yours truly started to experience "ten yard specials", one at the fifty yard distance, and one at 40 - not conducive to achieving a high score, but never mind, other archers on the same target were consistently recording 6-gold ends.

The day ended with all who shot commenting on a very enjoyable day. It is worth noting that during one of the distance changing breaks, a buzzard flew overhead, circling on a thermal. The colours of the wing feathers were something to behold when the sun shone on them.

The raffle produced two results for SCOA, and the prize-giving ended with Stourbridge archers gaining awards as follows:

All in all, a great day.

All-Comers' Warwick - 11th September

Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying your shooting? Here we are again, with our last outdoor club shoot of the year. Once again, we were very lucky with the weather, as we were able to complete the shoot in fine, dry conditions.

During the sighters at the first distance, one lady was heard to comment that it was unfair she had to shoot at 100 yards with the men. She then proceeded, with her first end, to have five golds and a bouncer. So much for men's and women's distances!

We still had a clutch of the usual complaints:
"I can't see the target with the sun shining on my scope",
"That gust of wind caught me unawares",
"My peep alignment rubber has broken AGAIN",
and so on.

Still, the general consensus of opinion was that it was another success, and all who took part enjoyed the afternoon.

All in all, a very enjoyable year's outdoor shooting for SCOA.

Worcester County Field Shoot - 23rd October

This annual event was again held at Oaklands, where six SCOA members joined 25 - 30 other like minded archers. We arrived in plenty of time to allow for the consumption of a variety of hot sarnies, washed down with mugs of tea.

Fully fit, we six joined the others in the wood to commence, with certain members vowing that if they missed the boss with "One" arrow, then they would stop straight away, fearing they would demean themselves missing at ten yards or so. We had not finished shooting the second target, when the heavens opened, and it rained on us, with everyone complaining that their wet weather gear was in the boot of the car. We soldiered on, and within ten minutes the rain stopped.

As we progressed around the course, shooting at a variety of GNAS faces, those who were on their first Field Shoot were seen all with beaming smiles on their faces. As my group approached approximately half way around the course, our next target was number one, so a quick vote awarded us a break for tea, and first choice of the cream cakes.

Completing the round, we returned to the Clubhouse and on the way, observed one group dealing with a supposedly restricted view from the peg, with the gentlemen hoisting the ladies onto their shoulders to give a clear shot!!

After more tea and chocolate, the presentation of prizes took place and SCOA managed a presentable hoard:

Yours truly claimed the most original award, as I returned with one more arrow than I started with (it was one I lost two years ago!!).

SCOA Annual Worcester - 6th November

For the second year, this shoot was held at Perryfields, and was a resounding success. We had a good turnout for the morning session, and almost a full hall for the afternoon. The shooting was up to standard, with a number of archers shooting personal bests.

The weather indoors was fine, dry, with just an occasional zephyr of a breeze when the back door was opened. Outside was another matter, with a downpour occurring half way through the morning session - but WE stayed dry!!

The main improvement to the event was the greatly enhanced lighting, with praise from all quarters, apart from one person who said he couldn't see the bubble in his level. Ah well, never mind. Let's hope this shoot bodes well for this year's indoor season.

Forthcoming Shoots

Redditch Stafford - 27th November

This is a Garrington Cup round, to be held at the Leys High School, Redditch. See Dave Johnson if you want to go, but be warned, it's filling up fast.

Charlecote Park Roving Mark - 27th November

This is a longbows only shoot - speak to Bob Hanson if you are thinking of going.

SCOA Frostbite - 4th December

This is three dozen at 30-metres, with nourishment provided. Please help us out with your attendance.

Droitwich Worcester - 11 December

Another Garrington Cup event. Directions with your booking fee! Again, see Dave if you are interested.

Golden Anniversary

Next year is SCOA's fiftieth birthday - we will be celebrating especially at the Rat's Ashes shoot, which will be a golden theme. We have discussed various ideas to commemorate this wondrous event, but would like to involve club members. If you feel you could contribute with ideas or help, please approach any Committee member with your suggestions.

Juniors - A Message from Martin

Calling all Juniors!

Just a note to remind you that we are now back indoors again (Friday nights at 8.00 pm) at Perryfields High School sports hall. If you are new, or if you are an existing member, why not come and shoot in a nice warm, relaxed environment, and meet other juniors. You can do competitive rounds, practise or get help and advice. Look forward to seeing you!

Indoor Shooting

Our indoor shooting takes place (as Martin said, above) at 8.00 pm on Fridays. In order to keep this facility available, we need a little bit more support. We are not breaking even at the moment. It's only 3.00 for an exciting two hours entertainment. All we need is you and your equipment - we provide everything else.

The alternatives are if the situation does not improve:
abandon the venture altogether
raise subs to cover the losses
accept the losses
raise the cost for those who attend

None of these are really what we want to do, so please support your club by coming along!

Visitors - a reminder

If anyone invites people who are not club members to shoot at our venues, they must ensure the visitor is a member of GNAS, before they will be allowed to shoot, so that our insurance is not invalidated.

Also a visitor fee of 2.50 is required (for outdoor shooting, when the visitor book should be signed). The indoor fee of 3.00 is applicable at Perryfields.

Another Reminder - Field Layout

Just a little reminder that the field should be laid out as shown on the diagram in the clubhouse. This is to comply with our risk assessment and to ensure safety for everyone.

Club Clothing

We have three unsold garments in stock:
2 large white T-shirts; 1 large white sweatshirt

If anyone is interested, please contact Maggie.

New Committee Members

Last, but definitely not least, we welcome two new Committee members:

Peter Lander
Martin Woodhouse

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz 37

  1. Harold Macmillan
  2. The 1966 Football World Cup
  3. To walk on the moon
  4. Dudley Moore
  5. rincess Margaret
  6. Committed suicide
  7. Libya
  8. Isle of Wight
  9. Doctor Beeching
  10. Francis Chichester

Quiz No. 38 (Americanisms)

  1. In America, if you wear a 'derby', what would it be called in England?
  2. What would you do with a 'diaper'?
  3. What do Americans call water taps?
  4. What do Americans call paraffin?
  5. We use drawing pins to put up notices. What do Americans use?
  6. Tick-tack-toe is their name for which game?
  7. What do Americans call the boot of the car?
  8. If you wear a 'tuxedo', what are you wearing?
  9. If you use a 'zip code', what would you be using?
  10. What do they call a wallet?


Whilst it is true that some archers are unwittingly or unwillingly duped, badgered or coerced into shooting rounds, an incredible 97 percent of them do it on a voluntary basis!