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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter August 2005

Make the most of the last few days of summer, 'cause winter's coming. Let's see you down at the field, achieving the goals you set yourselves in January!

Records Report

New Records

Louise Lammas New Warwick 338 Club Record
Louise Lammas Ladies FITA 1289 Club Record
Margaret Hanson Albion 784 Club Record
Margaret Hanson Long Warwick 346 Club Record
Matthew Ingram Short Junior National 534 Club Record
Matthew Ingram Junior Western 617 Club Record
Matthew Ingram Bristol IV 923 Club Record
Matthew Ingram St. Nicholas 485 Club Record

County of Worcester Summer Postals

We were lying in fourth place out of six after the Short Metric match in May. We were 511 points behind Malvern Archers, who are in the lead.

After the second match we are still in fourth place. Malvern Archers are still in top spot with 17,344 points to our 16,592, a difference of 752 points. However, we are beating both Evesham and Redditch!

West Midlands Summer League

After the May shoot we were seventh out of nine in Division 1. Don't ask me what happened to our relegation!

After the June shoot we were still seventh, but Margaret Hanson had the third highest lady compound score in the division.

British Archer Winter Leagues

In both the February and March Frostbite matches, Jo Horner was the highest scoring lady recurve archer.

Louise Lammas was the highest scoring lady compound archer in the March Frostbite match.

Shoot Reports

Stratford Western (Report 1)

Two members attended this competition, which has always proved to be a very enjoyable shoot in warm weather. This year, unfortunately, there was a cold north wind, which did not add to the joy of the moment. Jo Horner was first recurve lady, winning a fine silver cup (I suppose we shall have to go back next year now!). I had quite a good day, winning a bottle of wine in the raffle, but sadly no trophy.

Derek Peacock

Stratford Western (Report 2)

This can be recommended as a friendly and well-organised shoot where the atmosphere is competitive but not too intense. As well as awards for placings, Stratford give awards for handicap adjusted scores so higher handicap archers have an excellent chance of taking home a medal. Shorter rounds are put on for the juniors (And the food's good, too!). This shoot is usually well supported by about half a dozen SCOA archers, so one for your diary next year?

Jo Horner

Breakfast Shoot (June 19th)

As a recent returnee to archery after schoolboy attempts, the thought of getting up at dawn to shoot a competition into the mist with the sun rising like a setting from a medieval film, I have to say sounded exciting.

Arriving at 4.15 am and seeing that young Matt and his mum were the only others there should have warned me that not everyone loved getting up at dawn. I then found that the field would be set up so that we would be shooting East - West instead of South - North, and my schoolboy confidence began to ebb.

Whether the coming solstice gave me foresight, I don't know, but I do know that it played havoc with my sights on the first end at 60 yards, and after writing 'M' six times, perhaps it wasn't going to be that easy. "Things happen at dawn" said Clive with wisdom, but shortly afterwards he had a premature release (must be an age thing), and what we thought to be a shortfall turned out to be an overshoot found by 'hawk-eyes' Bob. Brian's attempt to miss the target was really an attempt to hit the 2p he found instead of his arrow! However, the wisest amongst us was young Matt who managed to sneak in naps between ends.

Janice cooked a fantastic breakfast and most people had seconds and with Bruce having thirds! Many thanks from us all. The magnificent dozen returned to the shoot and started to liven up, probably a bit too much, as we were finished by 8.30 am. al-fresco breakfast

Trophy Winners were as follows:

Gents RecurvePeter Langmaid
Ladies RecurveWendy Taylor
Gents CompoundBob Hanson
Ladies CompoundMargaret Hanson
Bare BowBrian Webster
LongbowBruce Turley
JuniorMatt Ingram
Muppet AwardMe (as when my name was called, I was too busy taking photos of the others, and thought I had won something - Doh!)

All in all, a great morning with great weather, but it was all over too quickly and I was home by 9.15 am, so I went to work and sat and wrote out "Great enthusiasm doesn't lead to great scores".

Martin Woodhouse

Civil Service Archery Association - Midlands Region Annual York/Hereford

This year was the first time that I have entered this particular shoot and as a consequence approached it with a degree of trepidation regarding the abilities of the competition and their friendliness (or otherwise). I need have had no fears on either count, as they were all like other archers; friendly and all capable of a good and bad day.

It was held within the grounds of RAF Stafford and I was met at the entrance by servicemen (carrying sub machine guns) but I wasn't worried as I was from the dark side with my compound in the boot. Having negotiated the entrance I arrived at the shooting field to find tents already erected (so no need for mine).

We commenced the shoot on time and after 3 dozen at 100yds the Civil Service lived up to its name by calling a halt for burgers and hot dogs (served with rolls and buns). A very civil way to conduct a shoot.

After the short break we recommenced and finished the next 3 dozen at 100yds and took another break for more food and drink.

Then we moved the targets to 80 and shot 4 dozen before another break. This was the way to spend a day's archery.

Another break then the final 2 dozen at 60 yds.

Throughout the day the weather held reasonable; overcast but in the main dry with short periods of sunshine.

We finished the shoot and packed away our gear and sat to await the results supping a very acceptable Merlot.

For once I returned with an award so the end result of the day was one well spent in pleasant company and a medal which will bring back happy memories.

Clive Freeman

The Club Championships

This year it was decided to continue to shoot a Hereford to find the Club Champion for 2005.

We assembled at 09:30 and commenced to lay out the field in what was promising to be a fine day. By the time we commenced sighters the sun was shining and it continued all day long; what a wonderful way to spend a day. Well that's what we hoped but as the day progressed the numbers of moans, exclamations of dismay, unprintable explosions and the like detracted from the wonderful weather as the scores failed to match expectations.

It climaxed (if thatís the appropriate phrase) when one of our senior recurvers had an equipment failure when his bow decided to take itself down at full draw.

But all in all we had a good day with wonderful weather and great company.

The presentations at the end gave us the following top archers for 2005: -
Ladies RecurveJo Horner
Gents RecurvePeter Langmaid
Ladies CompoundMargaret Hanson
Gents CompoundBob Hanson
JuniorMatt Ingram
LongbowBruce Turley
Bare BowBrian Webster

Clive Freeman

Malvern Centenary Nationals

Four SCOA members arrived in heavy rain which cleared up after the first dozen, allowing us to shoot in dry conditions, but that was as good as the weather got.

We had at least managed to get our bows and equipment in their bags, and we were just taking our tent down when the heavens not only opened, but did so with some considerable force. After waiting five or ten minutes with a tent flapping about our ears, we decided to make a run for it to get the stuff in the car. "Drowned rats" is a phrase which springs to mind. The field was now a lake, and everyone stood in the cricket pavilion and dripped happily while the raffle and awards were given.


Bob & Margaret Hanson

Forthcoming Events

Redditch Windsor

21st August. If you want to enter, please see Dave Johnson

Sword of Shrewsbury

Saturday 3rd September. Please support this shoot, as Bowbrook archers moved the date from 4th to 3rd September, just for us! Longbow only.

SCOA Sheriff's Western

Sunday 4th September - Work party required please.

Club Clothing

It's arrived! If you put your name on the list for club clothing, it is now available. Prices are as follows:

Cheques (made payable to Stourbridge Company of Archers), or cash on delivery to Maggie, please. Hope you like them!

Chiltern Archery

Chiltern Archery run a "Club Loyalty Scheme" which SCOA belongs to. Every time you make a purchase in one of the Chiltern shops, please quote SCOA and Chiltern will give the club two points per £1.00 in addition to any customer loyalty discount. Therefore, the more you spend (provided you say you are a SCOA member) the more the club will benefit! Every six months Chiltern notify us of how many points we have accumulated, and we can then redeem these points against equipment.

We have over three thousand points as at June 2005, and a similar amount last year bought twelve basic quivers for our beginners.

Money Matters

Just a reminder - our Treasurer would like to remind you that your subscriptions are due on 15 August. There is a ten percent re-joining fee if you've not paid by 15 September.

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz 36

  1. Grandma
  2. Sepia
  3. Rockt Marciano
  4. Charles Kingsley
  5. Doo-Dah Band
  6. Nicholas Lyndhurst
  7. Belgium
  8. 180 Degrees
  9. Countess
  10. Cricket

Quiz No. 37

  1. Who made the "Wind of Change" speech?
  2. George Cohen was a member of the world winners at what sport?
  3. Edward Aldrin was the second person to do what?
  4. Who played the piano while Peter Cook sang?
  5. Whom did Anthony Armstrong-Jones marry in 1960?
  6. How did the English comic Tony Hancock die?
  7. Gaddafi seized power in which country?
  8. Bob Dylan starred at a 1969 rock festival on which island?
  9. Which doctor's report led to cutting the rail network?
  10. Which Francis sailed solo around the world?


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