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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter April 2005

Large area, covered in grass, it's called The Field. Indoor's finished. We're back outside - Hi there!!

Records Report

New Records

Louise Lammas Bray 1 265 Club Record
Louise Lammas Long Western 776 Club Record

B.A. Winter Postals

W.M. Winter Postals

We have improved our position slightly and are now in 11th place, out of twelve, in Division 1 of this competition.

Shoot Reports

6th March - Worcester County Indoor Champs / West Midlands Regional Champs / Final Round Garrington Cup:

This was the last indoor shoot of the season, and was shot in almost perfect conditions, with not a breath of wind!!

With all this, three of our finest shot the morning session, then after lunch awaited the presentations from the viewing gallery. We were graced with archers of all shooting abilities, from juniors up to GB archers.

SCOA ended the day with the winner of the Veterans Trophy (Clive), and Wendy Taylor being awarded the Ladies Handicap Improvement Trophy for Worcester County. Congratulations to both.

SCOA ended the winter season coming third in the Garrington Cup, in both the Recurve and Compound sections. With additional archers I am sure we would have made second in both disciplines.

13th March - Charlecote Roving Mark:

Three intrepid longbowerists attended this attractive deer park, and shot in surprisingly warm weather, although no honours were gained. It was a pleasant shoot in pleasant company.

Forthcoming Events

Equipment Day:

Volunteers required - on Saturday 16 April at approximately 12.30 pm, to carry out the annual spring clean and maintenance of the clubhouse and equipment. We need painters, carpenters, dusters, polishers and sweepers, etc. Whatever your talents are, I'm sure we have a need for them. To help co-ordinate this event, please could you contact Bob Hanson, or just turn up and get given a job!

Hagley National:

This has been confirmed as Sunday 8th May - This is a handicap-adjusted shoot, so everyone has an even chance of winning. There is also a straight score prize, so come along and have a bash!

Club Championships:

In the last Newsletter, we gave the Club Championship date as 5th June. This has been changed, and confirmed as 26th June. The round will be a Hereford, with a National in the afternoon. We would be delighted if you could come along and support this shoot.

Worcester County clubs run a series of shoots throughout the summer at a number of their grounds with all results counting towards the Worcester Cup. If we can get a regular number of archers willing to shoot at these events, then I can see SCOA competing for honours. Please look on the notice board in the clubhouse for details of these dates.

Club Clothing

We are in the process of purchasing some T-shirts and Polo shirts with a full colour embroidered Club Logo. We are using our initiative, so please forgive any shortcomings! A notice will be put up in the clubhouse for you to indicate your requirements, together with prices and sizes. Please support this venture, and help SCOA to look really smart!
If you can't manage a visit to the field, contact Clive.

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz 34

  1. Kansas
  2. An Oscar
  3. Moon River
  4. Jimmy Young
  5. Bashful
  6. Turned to stone
  7. Prince Philip
  8. Bob Monkhouse
  9. Has hooves
  10. Ruth

Quiz No. 35

  1. Was Geoff Boycott a left or right-handed batsman?
  2. Who was the first jockey to go through a seven race card?
  3. Which Nigel was Formula One world champion in the 80's?
  4. Who was Smokin' Joe?
  5. Woodforde and Woodbridge are partners in which sport?
  6. Which golfer Sandy won the British Open in the 80's?
  7. Who was the jockey who rode Aldaniti to success in the Grand National?
  8. Who was the first male Brit to make the Wimbledon last 8 in the 90's?
  9. Who was a Manager of Nottingham Forest throughout the 80's?
  10. Who retired aged 30 after winning the premiership with Manchester United?


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