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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter February 2005

Happy Hallowe'en, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year - We're back!!

Records Report

New Records

Matthew Ingram Bray 1 80 U/14 Club Record
Matthew Ingram FITA 25m 155 U/14 Club Record
Jo Horner FITA 25m 503 Club Record
Margaret Hanson FITA 25m 485 Club Record

B.A. Winter Postals

November matches

December matches

Close, or what??

West Midlands Winter Postals

We are last in Division 1 after the November matches. Hardly surprising really, as some of the opposition archers are scoring in excess of 590 in the recurve section, and some clubs are scoring in excess of 1,600 points in the handicap section.

Handicap Improvement Trophy

This year was not half as exciting as last year which, as you remember, had three members with almost the same reduction.

Thirteen members met the criteria to be eligible for the trophy and medal, and of those only eight actually reduced their handicap. Clive Freeman, Peter Langmaid and Bob Cole reduced by 1; Bill Gamble by 2; John Arrowsmith, Bruce Turley and Roger Hanson reduced by 4, but far in front of these with a reduction from 65 to 54, an improvement of 11 places, was Wendy Taylor. The Trophy and GNAS medal was presented to Wendy at the January Frostbite. Congratulations, Wendy!!

Shoot Reports

SCOA's Worcester - 7 November 2004

This event was held at Perryfields School, when we had a single session in the afternoon. The shoot was well supported considering the short notice of change of venue. We will be running this tournament next year, again at Perryfields, but with two sessions - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Redditch Stafford - 28 November 2004

We managed to enter both a compound and recurve team in this shoot, automatically gaining valuable Garrington Cup points.

Droitwich Worcester

Again, we entered two teams in this shoot.

SCOA Fita 25m - 2 January 2005

Eleven members shot this competition which in itself is quite a surprise, with two of them improving their handicaps, and also three new club records were established. We had six medals as follows:

The Redditch Stafford, the Droitwich Worcester and he Fita 25m shoots are part of the Garrington Cup and it's good to have SCOA members participating - we're gaining valuable points in this competition. Keep up the good work.

Well done to all - especially for taking part!!

Garrington Cup and Worcester Cup

You can see from the above reports that we are managing to get teams to the above cup rounds. We still need volunteers to do these rounds, as after a period of time in the doldrums, we are trying to re-establish our position as potential winners. If you can't manage the remaining Garrington Cup rounds, we will be looking for teams in the summer for the Worcester Cup rounds, which are shot at different clubs throughout the Summer. Dates will be posted in the clubhouse (and the Newsletter?)

Bremen Exchange

There is an opportunity to take part in an exchange with archers from Bremen, at Easter. A party of us could go to them and the following year, they come to us. The idea is for individuals to stay with families in each other's country. The scheme is organised by Dudley Sports Council, and Jo Horner has further details. If you are interested, please contact Jo.


Attached to the Newsletter is a calendar of events. It is correct at the time of going to press, but changes are sometimes inevitable!


Come on, all you Juniors. Poor Matthew has held the fort, by himself, at the Indoor, and the Garrington Cup rounds AND down the field, since October. He's getting very lonely! He needs some competition. Please help him. We'd love to see you all!

County Development

There is a proposal to implement a County Development Plan whereby Worcester Archers will win the Regional trophy. In order to do this, they need a greater selection of talent. As a club, we could contribute to this by attending more shoots. For your part, if you think that you would like to shoot for your County, you must make it known to the County Records Officer (via Clive), or the Club Records Officer, and back this up with a record of your scores.

Minimum requirements are - First Class gentlemen, and Second Class ladies, so it's by no means an impossible goal. We dare you to have a go.

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz 33

  1. Pale blue
  2. Four years old
  3. Winchester
  4. Lake Superior
  5. Darts
  6. Ermine Street
  7. Japan
  8. Kings Oak
  9. Sixteenth
  10. Andante

Quiz 34

  1. Which American state is home to Dodge City?
  2. What is ten inches tall, gold plated and weighs seven pounds?
  3. In song, what river is wider than a mile?
  4. Which Radio 2 DJ used to finish his show with 'TTFN' or 'BFN'?
  5. lphabetically, who is the first of Snow White's Seven Dwarfs?
  6. What happens to something if it is literally petrified?
  7. Which Royal celebrates his birthday on June 10th?
  8. Who was the first presenter of 'Celebrity Squares'?
  9. What does an ungulate animal have?
  10. In the Old Testament, the book of which woman directly follows Judges?


It's never too late to be the archer you think you could have been.