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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter July 2004

Hello folks - we've not forgotten you - here we are again! For our new members - welcome to SCOA - this is your Newsletter. Anything you want to know about club activities could (??) be in this publication.

Records Reports

Due to the length of time since the last newsletter, we will just put in the latest news for you.

B.A. Winter Postals 2003/4 (Final Results)

West Midlands Summer Postal League

After the June match we are lying sixth out of eight. Bruce Turley was the highest longbow score with a 265 Long Western, and Wendy Taylor had the second highest handicap adjusted score of 1512.

County of Worcester Summer Postal League

Things are not so good in the Worcester Postals, as we are last after two matches. However, we had the highest longbow score in June with Bruce Turley's 265, the third highest recurve lady with Jo Horner's 704, and the highest handicap adjusted score with Wendy Taylor's 1512.

The duplication is because one shoot covered two competitions!

Reminder: Our positions in these competitions could be improved if our high handicap archers or juniors took part (as I think we may have mentioned before)? Help!

New Records

Gemma Williams Short Junior National 307 Club Record
Ashley Bourne Short Metric IV 438 Club Record
Anna Mussi Short Junior Warwick 347 Club Record (May)
Matthew Ingram Short Junior Warwick ??? Club Record (July)
Margaret Hanson St. George 620 Club Record
Margaret Hanson Long Warwick 318 Club Record

Old Records

Derek is tidying up his record cupboard. If you want a copy of your old records, please see him by 31 August, after which old records will be destroyed.

Shoot Reports

SCOA's Hagley National - 9 May

The winners were: Ladies: Wendy Taylor; Gents: Mick Devitt; Junior: Adam Bourne. Highest straight score winners for the President's Trophies were: Compound - Bob Hanson, and Recurve - Roger Hanson. The Trophies will be presented at the AGM.

SCOA's Breakfast Shoot - 20 June

Fifteen people attended this shoot, including two juniors. Janice struggled bravely with the cookers and managed to produce (as usual) a wonderful breakfast under adverse conditions. Results: Jo Horner won the ladies recurve; Peter Clarke won the gents recurve, and Bill Gamble won the gents compound. Well done to everyone who attended.

Arrow Straightener

Does anyone know where the Club arrow straightener is? (The Green one). Please return it, as we've got a lot of bent arrows. (If this is published after it's been returned, apologies!)

Dates for your Diary

SCOA Open Shoots

15 August - Albion. We will need people to help us on this shoot. We are looking for willing gentlemen to assist on the day, to help move targets between distances. Please give Bob a ring.

5 September - Sheriff's Western

SCOA Club Shoots

8 August - Postal Match - Nationals (varying distances)

12 September - All-comers Warwick

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM this year will be held at Halesowen United Church on 6 October. You will receive official notification in due course from Jo, when you will have the opportunity to put forward any suggestions or nominations.


Your annual subscriptions are due on 15 August. You will shortly be receiving a request for this money from the Treasurer and it would assist if you could pay promptly.

Risk Assessment

Reminder - Please return your slip to Bob Hanson if you've not already done so.


May I take this opportunity to welcome new junior members. Junior membership has not been this high for quite a few years. Perhaps the 'not quite so new' junior archers will make our recent newcomers feel welcome, and give them some moral support.

There is an AAS badge scheme, which allows young archers to achieve recognition for their shooting at various levels as they progress. To enter, please submit three separate score sheets each containing 3 dozen arrows at the same distance. This may or may not be part of a recognised round, but it must be your first three dozen arrows shot. So, for example, you may enter a Short National score sheet for an AAS badge, but not a Short Warwick, because this round only has two dozen arrows at the first distance.

Please put the name of the round, your date of birth (and your shooting number for the Records Officer), and hand them to Derek or me. You may post scoresheets in the tin for Derek, or in the plastic wallet on the Junior notice board.

For further details, just ask! Happy shooting!

Martin Dorrance (Junior Section Leader)

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz 31

  1. Reptiles and amphibians
  2. A fish
  3. Skin
  4. Lactic acid
  5. Charles Dickens
  6. Farm carts taking prisoners to the guillotine
  7. Al Capone
  8. Calf
  9. Hay and straw
  10. Biggles
  11. Mr Spock

Quiz No. 32

  1. Who went to Buckingham Palace with Christopher Robin?
  2. What word can go after 'sand' and before 'account'?
  3. In which country is the city of Amritsar?
  4. How many yards in a chain?
  5. The zodiac sign Pisces covers which two calendar months?
  6. Frigophobia is a fear of what?
  7. Which Andrew starred in 'Fawlty Towers'?
  8. Which UK car manufacturer produced the Anglia?
  9. In the song, in which Row was Mother Kelly's Doorstep?
  10. Who wrote the novel 'Rebecca'?



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