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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter February 2004

A belated Happy New Year to all our readers!

Records Reports

New Records

Anna Mussi Bray 1 93 U/16 Club Record
Matthew Ingram Bray 1 86 U/12 Club Record
Joseph Mussi Portsmouth 311 U/12 Club Record
Matthew Ingram Portsmouth 387 U/12 Club Record
Matthew Ingram Worcester 100 U/12 Club Record
Matthew Ingram FITA 18 213 U/12 Club Record
Margaret Hanson Warwick 384 Club Record
Roger Seabury York 393 Club & County Record

West Midlands Summer League

We were second in Division Two, being beaten by Redditch: 41,827 to 39,040, a difference of 1,787, but we should be promoted to Division One next year!

Margaret Hanson was third highest lady compound in the handicap adjusted section for the August match, with 1,476.

Worcester County Summer League

We were fifth in this competition, being beaten by every other club except Droitwich.

For the August match, Jo Horner had the highest lady recurve score with a 542 National, and Margaret Hanson had the highest lady compound handicap adjusted score with her 1,476 National.

West Midlands Winter Postals

After the first match in November, we are first in Division 2. What a difference a few high handicap adjusted scores make! A big thank you to all who took part. Matthew Ingram's handicap adjusted score of 1,572 was the highest in the November postal.

B.A. Winter Postals

We are shooting in the following divisions:

December Matches:

January matches:

Members' Achievements

Anna Mussi has achieved "F" Class for indoor shooting - well done Anna.

Handicap Reduction Trophy

This year, only 14 archers had a starting handicap and shot eight rounds (the pre-requisite of eligibility for this trophy).

For the mathematicians amongst you, the other three archers misunderstood the rules and their handicaps went the wrong way!

I have notified the Worcester County Records Officer and GNAS.

Outdoor Handicaps

All outdoor handicaps have been re-assessed and the board in the clubhouse is up to date.

Buddy System

We have had one volunteer for this system - are there any more out there?

Shoot Reports

Charlecote Park - seven attended.

Droitwich Worcester-one attended.

Oaktree Field Shoot- three attended, winning two medals.

Paget de Vesey - 36 Big Game - Five members attended on this cold and blustery day, and three gained awards.

Shoot reports are a bit vague of late. Members are attending shoots quite regularly, but the information doesn't filter back to the editors. So you'll have to make do with this. (Shoot reports welcome!).

Dates for your Diary

Please find enclosed with this Newsletter a complete list for you to keep handy of all forthcoming shoots run by SCOA. There's no excuse for not knowing now!

Entry forms, at the appropriate times, will be on the club notice board, or speak to Pete (Clarke) direct.

Bob's Bows - A Potty History - Part 5

The damaged limb on the Nishizawa did not detract from the bow's performance, but it was a contributing factor to my decision to change bows.

I had not contemplated a new bow until one Sunday, at the Redditch "Stafford", an ex SCOA member who had moved to Cornwall and become an agent for OK Sportbogen, showed me the catalogue. To say the least, I was intrigued by these German bows. I arranged with my friend for him to bring some bows to SCOA the next time he was in the area.

This he duly did and I was fascinated by the OK Match CV Superflex. I shot it for most of the day and by late afternoon decided to purchase one. I based my decision on two factors: firstly the Nish was damaged and secondly, this OK was so ugly it was beautiful!

The bow was built like a brick storehouse - very robust with some ground-breaking features. The shelf (or Auflagerfinger as it is known), and button are both fully adjustable, and are an integral part of the bow, both loaded on an adjustable plate so that having tuned the button and shelf in the normal way, the whole assembly could then be moved forwards or backwards for very fine tuning (are you still with me?). This innovation is only now available on modern bows, so the OK was far ahead of its time.

The stabiliser system was also unique. A normal set-up was supplied, with the addition of the Lienhard system which comprised a counter-balance connected to the long rod. Unfortunately, over the fullness of time, I realised that the bow and I were not completely compatible; whilst shooting reasonable scores, we never realised our full potential together.

I still have the bow - I set it up for field shooting and still use it regularly, as it is ideal for this discipline. Of all the bows I have ever had, this one has always raised the most interest from other archers. They still ask "Have you still got it?" and even "If ever you wish to sell it, give me first refusal." But I don't think I will part with it.

Next time: Back to the Marksman.

Special Mention

Clive Freeman is now home after having had his second hip op. We wish him a speedy recovery and return to shooting (men's rounds!!)

Bob Cole is awaiting admission to hospital - we all wish him well.

Indoor Shooting

We are a bit thin on the ground some weeks - why not come along and support your club? Having said that, though, the hall is NOT available on Friday 20 February.

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz 29

  1. The ear
  2. Vitamin C
  3. A tap
  4. Michaelangelo
  5. ZIoty
  6. Yellow
  7. Yom Kippur
  8. Lewis Carroll
  9. On the moon.
  10. Kukri
  11. Captain Ahab
  12. Ants

Quiz No. 30

  1. Who was the schoolmate of Bob Cherry, Frank Nugent and Harry Wharton?
  2. What was the name of Long John Silver's parrot in Treasure Island?
  3. Which character did Joan Collins play in "Dynasty"?
  4. Gomez, Morticia and Uncle Fester belong to which family?
  5. Which bird did the Ancient Mariner kill?
  6. Which Japanese lady married Lt. Pinkerton and committed suicide when he deserted her?
  7. Kunta Kinte was the leading figure in which book and T.V. mini-series?
  8. Which American policemen were played by David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser?
  9. Whose friends were Obelix the muscleman and Getafix the Druid?
  10. Name M's secretary in the James Bond stories.
  11. Which famous frog puppet is the leader of the Muppets?
  12. Who was the bear of very little brain?


What is needed instead of all these instruction books on archery, is a good book on how to give it up.