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Stourbridge Company of Archers' Newsletter June 2003

We're at Somers
The Grass is Green
Some of you
We have not seen
(But we'd like to)

Shoot Reports

Wyre Forest Western

One SCOA member shot this and came away withThird Gents Recurve - Well done Peter Langmaid.

Stratford - Whitbread Western

Here again we were successful, with Jo Horner winning the Ladies Recurve section - Well done Jo.

Thornbury Field Shoot

Five attended this shoot, which started out in nice weather, but just before the finish it absolutely poured down, so (uncharacteristically) we left before the results.

Redhill's American

Two attended, with one award.

Worcester County Match

The first match included a longbow section which was manned solely by SCOA members. It was a three-cornered match against Cheshire and Staffordshire. The longbow was the only discipline to achieve for Worcester and consequently we came away with two medals - Well done Bob Cole and Roger Seabury. It's good to see the longbow included in County matches.

Stratford Windsor

Three attended with two medals being won.

SCOA Club Championships

These were held in May on a refreshingly good day weather-wise. This, unfortunately, was not reflected by the turnout.


These happy seven archers comprised the entire shooting contingent!

Although it is appreciated that the Champs are held to decide the best SCOA archer in each discipline on the day, it would be more meaningful if a wider cross- section of the club membership took part. You've gotta be in it to win it!

Bob's Bows - A Potted History - Part 2

Having started my association with archery using my Goldseeker bow, it wasn't long before I noticed that the more experienced archers were using Marksman Olympic TS4 bows - still a one-piece recurve, but much more sophisticated than mine. I coveted them and at the first opportunity bought a second-hand TS4, still having the sights screwed on the back of the bow, but with the provision of a bush, so that the latest innovation (a long rod stabiliser) could be fitted. This consisted of a steel rod with a movable weight, if you could afford it, or a modified golf club if you couldn't. There was a stick-on clicker (an invention of the Devil), and by using all this sophisticated technology and aiming at the chimney of the house at the far end of the field, I could reach 100 yards.

I also acquired at this time a set of Easton E24 arrows (which, incidentally, I still have). These were the best that money could buy, as XX75's and X7's hadn't yet been invented.

With this set up, I loved my archery. I entered every tournament I could and soon obtained First Class (bearing in mind that in those far off days Master Bowman was obtained by scoring 740 for a York round).

In Part 3 - the exciting transition to take-down bows, aerofins and wobblers.

Dates for your Diary

Postal Matches:

We really need your support at these particular shoots - our less experienced archers could help us out here, because we could gain a lot of points from their taking part. How about it, you folk who think you aren't good enough? PLEASE HELP.*

SCOA Shoot Dates:

22 June - Breakfast Shoot - Closing date for entries is 13 June (for the catering). Sighters at 0500 hours.
13 July - Rat's Ashes (American Round). Hippie Days are Here Again. The theme is the 60's (ie the decade). We need suggestions for decorating the clubhouse, and assistance if you can give it in any shape, way, or form, especially on the day. If you feel willing to help, contact Bob Hanson, Pete Clarke, or any committee member you bump into.
10 August- Albion
31 August - Sheriffs Western.

Records Report

New Records

Club and County Record subject to verification:
Gents Compound John Houghton Bray 1 283

British Archer Postals:

We lost to Ivanhoe Archers in the recurve Portsmouth, 2,664 to 2,639.
We lost to Wakefield in the compound Portsmouth, 1,097 to 1,123.
We beat Nonsuch Bowmen in the compound Frostbite, 680 to 634.
We lost to Kings Heath in the recurve Frostbite, 1,506 to 1,542.

West Midlands Winter Postal League

The final result left us in third place in Division 2:

Audco Archers - 50,390
Rugby Bowmen - 50,063
SCOA - 49,774.

We were 660 points behind the winners of the division, mainly due to the handicap adjusted scores.

Please see note (*) - we need you less experienced archers to take part, because they give you LOTS OF POINTS. You could make all the difference - we don't need many more points to do much better, and it will give you shooting experience and a feeling of belonging!

West Midlands Summer League

SCOA has been entered into this competition, which automatically enters us into the Worcester County Summer League but (fortunately) does not require another postal to be shot. The rounds will be:

The teams will consist of 5 archers in the straight score section and 5 in the handicap adjusted section. Compound straight scores will be reduced by 7 handicap places. The Worcester Summer League results will be the same as above, but using the first four archers in each section.

Club Maintenance

In the last Newsletter, we told you there was a club equipment day coming up. Well we've had two sessions and on the appointed days a few intrepid souls turned up and re-wired and re-fronted the clubhouse, installed an outside courtesy light, mended the stands, sorted out the target ties, and generally tidied up.

Dave's Quiz

Answers to Quiz No. 27

  1. A baker's shop in Pudding Lane.
  2. Vesuvius.
  3. The San Andreas Fault.
  4. Airships.
  5. Earthquakes.
  6. A volcanic island.
  7. Challenger.
  8. Washington.
  9. Bhopal.
  10. Acquired Immune Deficiency.

Quiz No. 28

  1. Which American President ordered the dropping of the first atomic bomb?
  2. Who wrote his thoughts in a Little Red Book?
  3. Which British Prime Minister said "You've never had it so good" and spoke of the "wind of change"?
  4. What was Margaret Thatcher's maiden name?
  5. Who declared war on Britain and France in June 1940?
  6. By what military rank is the President of Libya known?
  7. Which third world leader was assassinated by members of her bodyguard in 1984?
  8. Which Russian leader introduced Glasnost and Perestoika?
  9. Which British Prime Minister said "A week is a long time in politics."?
  10. In 1941 the Deputy Chancellor of Germany flew to Britain to try to sue for peace. He was later imprisoned in Spandau prison. Who was he?


Archery is like a love affair. If you don't take it too seriously - it's no fun. If you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart.